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BGN Game Review: Tumbleseed

BGN Game Review: Tumbleseed

By Junae Benne

Tumbleseed is a simple indie game made for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a about a seed’s journey up a mountain. Sounds easy right? Wrong. You need balance. By pushing up or down on the joysticks you can tilt the left and right side of the beam; simultaneously pushing up or down on the joysticks you can move the beam up and down on the screen.


*Pro-tip: Checkout the gyroscope in the middle of the beam to know if you are balanced.*


On PlayStation4, the X button allows you to switch between seeds. The idea is to plan different seeds to help you on the journey. There are crystals to be harvested and thornvines to be used against enemies.


The sounds and music works perfectly with the stress level of this game. The music is very mellow and soothing.  The soundtrack is very melodic –with the help of composer, Joel Corelitz. You become a little bit calmer during each adventure. This does not mean you don’t want to rage quit.


Tumbleseed seems like an innocent arcade game at first glance. Issa lie! It may only have two controls, which are the JoyCon attached to the switch or joy sticks on the controllers but, do not underestimate this game. You need lots of patience, strategy, time and a steady hand. A nice element to this game is there isn’t a timer. Take your time, you will need it. The strategy is not only needed for avoiding jobs but also knowing which seeds to utilize.

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I love this game. I’m very happy it’s not on mobile because I might throw my phone and then be upset when I try to pick it up to continue playing. Tumbleseed is the necessary chaos on the world. I recommend this and Dark Souls of Marbles to anyone. It has unlimited replay value because every time you start over a new map is generated therefore, it’s a new challenge every time. David Laskey, a Tumbleseed dev, said there are over three million maps to be explored. I recommend a speed run. Currently one of the devs holds the record of 20 minutes to get up the mountain.


Tumbleseed is available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam.

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