Hello there, My given name is Theresa, but please, feel free to call me Reese. I’m a 25 year old blerd raising my mini-nerd in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC. I’ll be graduating in four short months with my degree in Communications, more specifically Public Relations. I plan to continue on to my master’s shortly after. I currently work part-time for a growing online community as an advertising sales manager. I also work from home by way of my blog, selling ad space, and doing sponsored posts. I dream of one day making it into the ranks of the upper echelon of blogging geniuses.

I’m also an author hoping to release my first children’s book about interracial children this fall. My daughter, who is interracial, is my greatest inspiration, fuel, and motivator. So what makes me a nerd? I’m a Whovian fanatic, and a Whedonverse addict who would rather listen to NPR than the latest up and coming rapper degrade women. Also, I may or may not have four (okay five) floor to ceiling bookshelves overflowing with everything from old school Archie comics to anything travel related. And yet still, I’ve had to resort to a nook because I ran out of space. Oops 😉 I’m an ex-Army brat, so I was raised all across America and abroad.

I spent a significant amount of my high school years in Germany (I actually graduated there). I celebrate diversity, which is probably how I came to be engaged to the love of my life; who just happens to be white (and just as nerdy as me, win!) I truly do believe that the future does belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. When I envision my future, it is nothing short of magnificent. This little blerd has every intention of leaving her mark on the word. Please come find me on my blog or social media sites. I would love to talk nerdy with you all!