I’m Tyeisha Crook (but most people just call me Ty!). I’m a 23 year old University of North Texas alumni with a Bachelor’s in Psychology currently starting a Masters Degree in Human Resources. I currently serve as a coordinator with a popular cafeteria on the UNT campus.

I knew that I was destined to be a nerd when I was a little girl. While most girls my age were going to rap concerts and listening to boy bands, I was sitting at home crushing hard on Drew Carey. (Drew, if you’re reading this, holla at your girl!) My crush on all things nerdy continued well on into middle school and high school, and shows absolutely NO signs of stopping in my post-grad life.

I enjoy dorking out hard with my even nerdier fiance, Ethan, who enjoys cosplay, gaming conventions, reading about and studying video games, and fangirling over men who create Let’s Plays. Valve Corporation is my current obsession.

My educational goals are to obtain a PHR certification, and to someday make an even bigger splash in the Human Resources world for the African-American community.

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