By Kai Charles


Books are one of my favorite gifts to receive. Gifting them, however, is more of a challenge. More and more statistics are showing that the reading percentages of Americans are dropping especially among minorities.

So with this Gift guide, I aim to find a variety of books that would appeal to all types of readers. A few of them are hyped bestsellers worthy of their praise and some hidden gems that you may not have noticed. Hope they make it to your shopping list!



Holiday Themed Reads

It’s very important for us to see ourselves reflected in Holiday traditions. Here are a few I love:

Literary Comfort Food

 Recent world events have left many of us dreading the New Year to come. Let these books bring you comfort and nudge you to healthy activism:



Pop Culture & Graphic Novels

 These were some of my favorite genre reads that had me Fangirling!



Poetry On The Page

 One of these books is a poetry collection and the other is lyrical in nature and embodies the power of consistency and love:



Best Selling & Critically Acclaimed

These books lived up to the hype and positive reviews surrounding them:



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