Do you like coffee or tea with your anime? Or maybe you just need Senpai by your side? Whatever you need to get out of bed in the mornings to join the Blerd crew in watching some great animes, grab it!


Join me, @DiondraWrites, along with @WildYoungCharm as we live-tweet and fan-girl our way through some awesome anime adventures! We’ll be watching two episodes of Kill la Kill via Netflix every Sunday morning at 10 am EST, starting on Sunday, November 20.

Kill la Kill is a 24-episode vengeance journey, as high schooler Ryuko Matoi desperately searches for the one responsible for her father’s death. Along the way, she is forced to contend with her mother’s fashion empire and the sinister school council president. How far will Ryuko’s violent streak carry her on her path to find personal peace?


We’ll be tweeting from the @BlackGirlGeeks account, so tweet along with us using #AnimeLiveTweet!

Diondra Powers loves reading, photography, zombie movies, Terminator, and is perpetually behind on Doctor Who.  She loves sci-fi, video game soundtracks, and still gets a little too excited about marching band. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for video games or television watching, especially since discovering anime. Her dream is still being determined, but ideally it would involve climbing, Netflix, and a stack of dystopian lit and vampire books.