As we soak up the sun rays during this hot and beautifully bright summer, we can hang out with family and friends along with some tasty BBQ and play some of the songs from the #BGNBlackAssSummer playlist. However, there are a number of us who wish to sit back in solitude, relax, and feed our souls. Whether it’s feeding it through journaling, reading a good book, prayer, meditation, or just something to inspire you to walk that extra mile on the treadmill. We all need to have our souls fed from time to time.

Renew your mind and spirit with songs selected from secular and non-secular faith-based selections. From Tibetan bell sounds in Buddist prayers to gospel songs from legendary greats like Shirley Ceasar and Mahalia Jackson. There are also a few select songs that aren’t necessarily spiritual but have either lyrics with references to God or an ambiance that feels spiritual. For some of us, listening to Enya can feel like a spiritual experience. Whatever path you choose to feed your soul, take some time today to relax and enjoy the goodness of the life that has been given to you.

If there are any songs missing from the list that you think should be added, comment below and let us know!