The leader of our country just proved that he is a Russian puppet. White people are STILL calling the cops on Black, Brown, and Indigenous people for the stupidest offenses. My office chair will not stop sinking to the ground, no matter how many times I pull the thingy to lift it. And, I stubbed my toe so bad getting out of the shower that I may lose a nail. If there was ever a time that I needed to be #Happy4NoReason, it’s today.

The quickest way to turn my outlook on the day around is to play a good song. You know, that one song that, when it starts playing not part of my body can stay upset. Instead, I end up singing at the top of my lungs and dancing out the door to face life.

Here is a list of the songs that I compiled with the help of BGN followers. These are the tunes you need right now, to shake the dark out a little bit and give a moment of uplift to your day. These are the songs you turn to seek happiness, even if there is no reason.

You can find BGN’s #Happy4NoReason Playlist on Spotify and SoundsGood. Drop us a line if we didn’t put your happy song on the list!