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BGN TV: ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6 Trailer Signals New Alliances and New Evils

BGN TV: ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6 Trailer Signals New Alliances and New Evils

Netflix finally dropped the trailer for Orange is the New Black so we finally get to see what is in store for our favorite inmates in season 6.

The trailer does not bear good news. It seems that after the riots, the women of Litchfield are living in fear and isolation from one another in a maximum security prison. Season 6 begins just a week after the women were hauled out of the old prison and bussed to maximum security. Now, they are the newbs in a prison full of new people and new rules.

Crazy Eyes and Piper voice over the chaos and of the new place as Piper tries to explain to her fellow Litchfield inmate that The rules are different, the “colors” don’t get along, but she (Crazy Eyes) is safe. But, no one is.

Flashes of the others scared for their lives are followed by images of each one under interrogation. Remember all the s@#t that went down during the riot? Well, somebody has to pay for it. The authorities have divided the women and seemed to be asking them to turn on one another.

Things seem bleak, but is it going to stay that way. These women have survived worse by banding together, will they survive maximum security and an investigation in the same way? There is hope. It comes in a Russian accent voice over the last moments of the trailer.

Orange is the New Black premieres July 27 on Netflix. Stay tuned to BGN for more details.

No Justice Until We Address the Mass Incarceration of Black Women
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