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Bill and the Doctor “Get In” Next Month

Bill and the Doctor “Get In” Next Month

With Doctor Who returning in little over a month, with a new companion and all new stories Whovians have a great deal to celebrate. The latest trailer is more of a traditional series trailer than past ones that centered around the characterization of new companion, Bill. Encompassing key moments from the next installment, new alien threats abound, Missy returns, human shaped daleks return, the Weeping Angels return, and is that… wait is that Missy AS a Weeping Angel??? Wild stuff.

All of this excitement is slightly dampened by the trailer preceding this one that made it a point to have Bill say she’d follow the Doctor “even if it kills me.”

No. We’re not doing this for the 100th time. No more Abbies.  No more Nyxes. No more.

I may have to wait until it airs completely before I take a gander. I will no longer wait week to week, getting invested in another fictional Black woman only to have her balled up like an old snotty tissue when the white writers have wrung all they think they can from her. Shame too, because Pearl Mackie has a thousand watts of charisma and I am rooting for her big time.

Doctor Who returns April 15th on BBC/BBC America.

Check out the trailer that has me deep in my Black girl sideeye:

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