Issue #9, ‘Exposure’
Creator & Producer: Gabriel Shaoolian
Writer: Mark Powers
Illustrator: Joana Lafuente, Lucius Cross, Goncalo Lopes

This comic takes the concept of internal struggles to a whole new level.

Biowars is a story from Gabriel Shaoolian which features Alex Hawking, a college student thrown (completely unprepared) into a world of bio-weaponry, secret government operations, and a strange sickness that there seems to be no cure for.

Alex’s scientist father, Marcus, made Alex promise to continue the work of exposing “The Combine” an elusive group with plans to cause great harm to the human race.  The Combine manufactured the virus that Marcus – and now Alex – are infected with, and it’s a race against the clock to bring down the group and save the world.

What’s most appealing about this story are the internal and external perspectives of war, and how those are depicted.  We see Alex’s internal conflict as his body fights a virus genetically engineered by The Combine, called the Z-Kron Microbe.  Led by the Biowarriors, they fight for the health of the immune system, taking on the microbes and mutants intent on destroying Alex’s body.

In the ‘Exposure’ issue, the latest in the series, Biowarriors Scathe, Humron, Sensurian and others face off with Raze’s army of mutants.  This battle takes place in Alex’s lungs, a universe known to the creatures there as the BioCosmos.  Meanwhile, outside of Alex’s body, the police are searching for answers regarding The Combine, and Alex receives further pressure to choose a side.  Tensions are high and much is at stake as he battles the fight around him and within him.

With gorgeously detailed illustrations and a creative take on well-known themes including humanity and justice, Biowars delivers an interesting and entertaining story.  Even better, you can check it out online as a free digital comic book – visit the website here.


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