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Black Beauty–YouTubers Make their Mark in the World of Beauty

Black Beauty–YouTubers Make their Mark in the World of Beauty

Black beauty YouTubers are rising within the YouTube beauty community.

With the ever-changing scope of beauty, fashion, and style trends of 2018, it’s no surprise that young Black women are slowly breaking into the digital realm to showcase beauty products. From videos that focus on natural hair products designed for all African American hair types, to cosmetics that compliment dark skin tones and bring out distinct features, black beauty vloggers are an important and growing part of today’s YouTube community.

Black beauty YouTubers reinforce the notion that black is beautiful. It’s the one aspect that unfortunately, still remains absent today in commercial beauty. These women show the beauty industry that there are many shades to market from. It’s a common occurrence for women of color to open fashion magazines and not be able to see just one model of their skin complexion wearing the latest lip color or highlight.

Often, women of color commonly search the internet for “makeup on dark skin,” just to be able to see how the newest makeup product compliments their skin tone.That’s also sometimes the only way to know whether the newest beauty product was even made with women of color in mind. For these and many other reason, Black beauty YouTubers symbolize the diversity that’s needed in the beauty industry.

So if you’re a makeup junkie, or a women of color searching for beauty products that highlight your inner beauty and bring out your ethnic features, then be sure to watch these stylish black beauties showcase products that work well with dark skin tones, Black hair, and overall emerging beauty trends that women should buy or deny.

Nikki Perkins

Australian and South Sudanese former model Nikki Perkins, uses her personal channel Nikki Perkins, to give viewers a glimpse of her everyday makeup routine. Throughout her personal beauty channel and her family channel Jamie & Nikki, Nikki has provided tips and tricks to contour, highlight, and choose products that work well for dark skin women.

As a dark skin beauty, this former model turned vlogger has spoken out about the struggles of finding makeup that compliments her skin tone. Nikki was once an avid user of a specific foundation brand that carried foundation in her skin tone. Unfortunately the color got discontinued due to the lack of sales. This is a perfect example of how the beauty industry doesn’t properly cater to dark skin. Like America, the Australian beauty industry also struggles with ethnic diversity when it comes to marketing to all backgrounds. Despite the lack of variety products for dark skin, one of the makeup hacks Nikki does use to get by is using eyeshadow or lipstick to serve as a contour. With the limited variation in contour kits for dark skin, Nikki showed her viewers how black or dark matte eyeshadows and lipsticks can also serve as a great way to contour cheekbones for women with deeper tones.

REVLON Lipstick (Coco-licious)

REVLON Jet Black Eyeshadow

Nyma Tang

This Beauty is known for testing out high-end products to see whether they work well on the deepest skin tones. From the latest foundation lines like Nyx and MAC, to trending eyeshadow brands, speaking from experience, Nyma knows which brands to try if you have deeper skin tones.

Some of Nyma’s suggestions for dark skin

LA Girl Concealer “Dark Cocoa” :
Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer:
L’Oreal True Match Foundation “C10”
RCMA Setting Powder:
Mini Beauty Blender:
Amuse Smokey Eyes For Contour “Dark Brown”
e.l.f. Blush Palette:
e.l.f. Baked Highlighter and Bronzer:


This makeup guru dedicates her entire channel to none other than makeup! Every topic you could think of this Nigerian beauty has covered it. Going on a date, and want to know what colors would accentuate your deep tones? Check out YouKeyy’s Soft Sultry Sexy Date Night Makeup.

YouKeyy uses a plethora of shades and undertones to create each of her looks. What’s unique about this YouTuber’s looks is her use of bright colors. Some women of color often feel limited as to whether bright shades are flattering on their skin tone. Contrary to the belief that bright eyeshadow shades don’t flatter dark skin, colors like silver, gold, and other opaque colors, bring out brown eyes. Be sure to add falsies like YouKeyy uses in several videos on her channel.


I’m sure all you Type 4 sisters know that it’s a routine to keep those kinky curls looking flawless. Juss.Erin dedicates her entire channel to informative hairstyle tutorials, growth techniques, and health regimens, to keep curls moisturized and promote healthy hair and growth. Some of Erin’s beauty tricks include an egg and Extra Virgin Olive Oil hair rinse, castor oil, and many other simple to create rinses and hair masks.

Juss.Erin’s channel shows the versatility of black hair. She often experiments with various protective hairstyles and provides her 134K subscribers with tutorials on how to create those same looks using little added products. If you’re looking for natural looking extensions that match your type 4 treses, Erin suggests companies like HerGivenHair and KRS Hair Group. These companies cater their extension lines specifically to black hair. Many other hair lines do not sell textured hair.

It’s no surprise that beauty is ever changing. It’s important to display all types of beauty. These YouTubers are a perfect example of why representation matters. They provide a public platform for black women to finally be included in aesthetics. The world is evolving, and it’s about time the “standard” face of beauty changed with it.

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