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Black Entertainment Coming to Netflix in July

Black Entertainment Coming to Netflix in July

Netflix Black Films

Netflix is updating its streaming service with a plethora of new movies and TV shows. Below are the ones that feature Black people prominently, on and off the screen. From production to marketing, here are the Black movies hitting the popular streaming service this month!

  1. A Thousand Words (7/1): Eddie Murphy takes on the role of a businessman gone silent. He has to learn to limit the number of words he uses on a daily basis, or it could prove drastic for him. 
  2. Ali 2001 (7/1): Will Smith portrays the boxer, Muhammad Ali, via his downfalls and uprising. The film itself was nominated for three Golden Globes with Smith and Jon Voight receiving  Oscar nominations for Best Actor in Leading/Supporting Role respectively. 
  3. Resgate (7/1): This action thriller was released in 2019, winning Best Screenplay and Best Production Design from the African American Movie Academy and won the Courageous Film Award at Zell Film Festival. 
  4. The Art of War (7/1): Earlier in his career, Wesley Snipes starred in this CSC Award and Golden Reel Award-winning action-crime adventure following the murder of a Chinese Ambassador. 
  5. The Governor (7/1): A Nigerian political thriller following the Deputy Governor, Angela Ochello, of Savannah State. 
  6. This Christmas (7/1): Featuring Chris Brown and Watchmen Actress Regina King this follows a classic Black Christmas tale. Although it hasn’t won any awards, it was nominated for one BET award and two Image Awards. 
  7. Sugar Rush (7/3): A group of Nigerian sisters has to escape criminals in this comedy when they come across a lump sum of money. 
  8. The Perfect Picture: Ten Years Later (7/3): A Ghanaian coming-together heartwarming story about three estranged friends becoming close again. 
  9. Only (7/5): Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. joins in on this romantic/sci-fi from Georgia Film Award-winning Director/Writer Takashi Doscher. 
  10. A Kid from Coney Island (7/6): A documentary about NBA player Stephon Marbury. 
  11. Fatal Affair (7/16): Nia Long and Omar Epps team up for this thriller-romance film. 
  12. The Last Dance (7/19): Documentary series about the rise of the Chicago Bulls. 
  13. The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion (7/22): Two-time award winning feature documentary (Outstanding Independent Documentary: Black Reel Awards & Best Documentary Feature: Napa Valley Film Festival)  about Black influence on Hip-hop and Fashion. 
  14. Get Even (7/31): Although not full of Black Cast members, Bethany Antonia takes a lead role in this thriller about girls who expose bullies in highschool. 
  15. Seriously Single (7/31): Foreign heartwarming rom-com. 


What titles are you interested in checking out on Netflix?

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