‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Trailer Hints It Might Be More Than Just a Movie


Black Mirror fans, breathe. Netflix has officially dropped the trailer for the previously under wraps film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch filmmakers left a trail of clues, from a mysterious “Be right back” Netflix landing page called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch to a since-deleted tweet of the release date. Now, one day before the film hits Netflix, we have a trailer, a synopsis, and the official release date.

Set in 1984, and apparently to the tune of ‘80s rock music, Bandersnatch is a psychological trip. A young programmer begins to question reality as he turns a fantasy novel into a mind-bending video game. Director David Slade (American Gods, Twilight Saga: Eclipse) also directed the gritty, post-apocalyptic chase-story episode of Black Mirror called “Metalhead.” Creator Charlie Brooker’s dark anthology series was renewed by Netflix for a fifth season in March. Bandersnatch, however, is a standalone film  or “A Black Mirror Event,” as the trailer calls it.

Another hint: “Bandersnatch” refers to a fictional, murderous creature from Lewis Carroll’s trippy adventure novel Through the Looking-Glass. Could this point to Bandersnatch being Netflix’s first choose-your-own-adventure film, a theory that would explain the five-hour runtime? We’ll find out. As one of the video game developers says, “When it’s a concept piece, a bit of madness is what you need.”

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is available to stream on Netflix on December 28. Check out the trailer above.

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