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Black Panther Shuri Nerf Toy Available In Stores!

Black Panther Shuri Nerf Toy Available In Stores!

As we count down the days until February 16th arrives, we wait to see what new exclusives are coming out from either Disney, Marvel or Hasbro.  Last week we reported the high-end jewelry collection from L.A. based designer Douriean Fletcher, which featured a selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

This week from a tweet sent to me, it looks like the Shuri nerf guns have finally hit stores!  I’ve been sitting on this news for awhile and couldn’t wait to reveal this to all of you.  I think what makes me tear up the most—yes I have tears seeing this—is the image of the Black girl on the box smiling and posing with the toy.  This is what Shuri is going to give little Black girls everywhere.

The merchandise contains the strike gauntlet.  Sold separately are a power FX mask and power FX claw.

Truth be told, this is what Shuri will give Black women everywhere too. As well as proud dads like this one below who tweeted the following:



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  • As much as I love, love, love this….why was my next thought “okay, how are we going to avoid the Tamir Rice issue with this toy?” 🙁

  • Also people need to hit home that not only is Shuri a bad-ass fighter, but she is also smarter than Tony stark. So not only do you have a very powerful African woman, but a super intelligent one also.

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