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‘Black Sails’ XXXIII: Civilization for Who?

‘Black Sails’ XXXIII: Civilization for Who?


Flint is struggling for power and everyone is worried about Anne’s safety

Silver, Madi, Billy, and Hands

Silver limps to Billy and lets him know that Flint gave himself so that they can have Nassau. Silver says if they don’t guarantee that Eleanor is safe then Flint dies. Billy’s like: And? They’re in this position because Flint does what he wants without regard for anyone else.

Kofi rolls up with Madi and she agrees with Flint’s decision and Silver isn’t happy. Madi says they need to remove Billy so they can regain trust from the slave communities and that to survive they will fight and scrounge for it. Silver goes to leave, but he asks Madi if they walk away from all of this, will he be enough for her. She doesn’t answer right away so he leaves.

Billy tells Silver that the men will follow Silver and that he wants to work with him, not against him.

Silver has a crisis and he doesn’t know what to do. Does he go with Flint or go with Billy? Hands isn’t here for it and he smacks the crap out of Silver and Hands asks him why should the men follow him if he doesn’t know what to do. He says go with Flint, go with Billy, the men don’t care.

Kofi has returned with the gold and Silver has to make his decision. Billy says he can take care of Flint quickly and Silver tells him not in view of the beach.

Silver and ‘nem are watching Billy in front of the tunnel Flint is supposed to walk out of and some guy walks up to Billy. He warns him that it’s a setup for Billy because Flint does walk out of a tunnel, but Madi’s on the other side. The guy walks towards Silver and Hands deals with him. Then Hands fights Billy and is about to give him the killing blow when Silver makes him stop and has his men send Billy to Underhill Estate.

This is interesting because it seems like Silver chose Flint, but I’m sure he chose Madi who happens to be on Flint’s side for the moment. Silver never wanted any of this, the leadership and responsibility, and he’s ready to give it all up for a quiet life with Madi.

Eleanor and Flint

Mrs. Hudson has to tell Rogers about the deal with Flint and she wants to tell Rogers about Eleanor’s “condition” so he’d be more amicable. Eleanor’s nips that in the bud.

Later, Eleanor asks Flint about Mr. Scott and Flint spills all of the beans about the maroon people and Madi and I’m so worried for the maroon people. Eleanor would do something like send Rogers over there and kill everyone. She’s mad that Mr. Scott let her act like a child so that he could protect his family and screw you Eleanor. Not everything’s about you.

After Flint comes out of the tunnel, Flint, Eleanor, and Madi head to the beach for the cache and neither it nor Kofi are there. Rackham is, however, and he’s not happy about the trading of the gold. Flint says it’s done, but Rackham who has first-hand experience with Rogers says that he won’t give up Nassau so easily.


Mrs. Hudson makes it to Rogers and to no one’s surprise he doesn’t care about Eleanor’s deal. Eleanor fires a warning shot on Rogers multiple times and this is exactly what I knew would happen. She turned on Rogers as soon as he went in the way of her interests.

Rogers finally turns around, but he is pissed. He thinks that Eleanor has started to believe that civilization is powerless again and that Nassau can’t be controlled. Rogers doesn’t like that because he’s Lawful Evil. We find out that they sailed to Havana so that he can convince the Spanish to help them.

Rogers keeps saying that he is civilized, but he is a cruel and mean man and if that’s what civilization is I don’t want any part of it.

Rogers goes to see the Havana Governor and tell him that Spain and England are fighting and he doesn’t care about their war. Rogers waxes poetic about their shared interest. The Havana Governor reveals that the ship Rogers butchered included the Havana Governor’s brother. The governor asks why he should help Rogers. Rogers tells the governor that they pirates are using the money from the Urca gold to fund their insurrection.

The end of the episode shows the Spanish fleet arriving at Nassau and it’s a bunch of ships. It is not looking good for the pirates or Eleanor.

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  • I do love the scene with Hands. It does seem like John wants a quiet life which escapes him and if it is with Madi, there won’t be a quiet life. I doubt she’ll walk away from her responsibilities

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