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Black Sails XXXIV: Just Desserts

Black Sails XXXIV: Just Desserts

Previously on Black Sails: Rogers makes a bad decision and Silver makes his choice (it’s Madi).

Eleanor, Flint, and Madi

The Spanish are coming!

Rackham and Flint face off while Eleanor and Madi converse. Eleanor asks Madi if she trusts Flint. Madi drags Eleanor and tells her that her father mistrusted all of the pirates including Eleanor. Eleanor gets huffy and stomps off to Rackham telling him she’s taking Flint because the gold isn’t here. Rackham says he should kill them — which is all he ever does. He is all talk, no action.

Eleanor, Flint, and Madi are headed back to the fort when they spot a group of Spanish soldiers coming towards them. They head for cover at Miranda’s house. Eleanor is confused and Flint tells her that Rogers must have had Spain come. She doesn’t believe him. There’s a whistle and about 10 Spanish soldiers come around the corner. The men fire and kill all of the soldiers, but 3 more round the corner, see the carnage, and run to alert the others. Flint and all of the men but one run after them.

The irony in all of this is that Rogers told the Spanish where the pirates would hide meaning what comes next is all his fault.

A sexy red-headed Englishman watches the girls. Eleanor and Madi bond over their love lives and the show does a nice job of paralleling the two women. Eleanor is unsure of her and Rogers’ love, but Madi is very sure in Silver. She knows that whatever decision he makes will be the right one, while Eleanor is struggling with Rogers over control. Eleanor tells Madi that she remembers why she wanted to leave civilization behind and she still doesn’t realize that she married the wrong man.

Eleanor goes to look out the window and one of the Spanish soldiers they fought is standing in the corner. He attacks Eleanor and Madi tries to fight him too, but she gets knocked out. Eleanor shoots his arm and — though y’all know my feelings towards Eleanor — she does fight hard. Eleanor gets cut in the stomach and sets the guy on fire, which in turn sets the house on fire. Madi is bleeding from a head wound and everything’s just a mess.

Flint’s ass finally returns and the house is almost burnt to the ground. Eleanor’s outside dying.

For Vane and everyone else Eleanor has killed.

Eleanor asks if Rogers is with the Spanish and Flint lies to her, though she doesn’t deserve any relief. She says she tried to save Madi and then dies. We, of course, don’t see Madi and everyone’s worried she’s dead, but I’m not. She’s a fighter (and probably captured).


The Spanish are firing on Nassau and Rogers is watching the carnage. The redcoats from the fort come to him and he freaks when he learns that Eleanor is out there. He asks the Spanish governor to tell his men not to harm Eleanor. The governor says he can’t do that; once they’re out there, he can’t reign them back in. This is all your fault, Rogers!

We don’t see Rogers again until the end of the episode. He rides up to Miranda’s house and holds Eleanor’s body.

No sympathy.

Max, Rackham, and Anne

Lieutenant Utley lets Max and the group of captains know that Rogers told them to stand down. He said they’d be safe in the fort, but Max tells them Eleanor is out there. The men say “too bad, so sad,” so Max goes out to find her.

Max finds Rackham and his men and he looks confused. Max tells him that she’s looking for Eleanor and that Spain is here. They see the Walrus who made it out before Spain showed up and Rackham is like we’re outie 5000. He asks Max if she wants to go with them.

On a ship, Featherstone tells Rackham that the men want to leave, but Rackham says to wait for Flint. Max goes to see Anne and she tries to explain her choices. Max says she wants to take care of Anne and Anne tells her to be gone.

Rackham is still waiting for Flint’s gang when they spot them. Max yells at Rackham: what happened to Anne is all his fault and Rackham says that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Max tells him she knows how to defeat Rogers and she wants to avenge Eleanor and Anne. She says they need Eleanor’s grandfather (dun dun dun).

Silver and Billy

Ruth tells Silver that the mothers and children at the other plantations had been tortured and killed because of Billy. Silver says he will make it right and he brings Billy out, bleeding. Silver has two conditions: broker peace with Julius and Billy remains alive. Silver lets the freedmen take Billy and beat the crap out of him.

Julius arrives and Silver tells him that Rogers is gone and surrendering the fort which we all know ain’t true. Julius asks how long they’d be partners for and he says that a pirate’s loyalties don’t seem so solid and how does he know they won’t get booted too?

Dobbs tells Silver that the Spanish are coming and Silver says they can’t leave. They have to stay entrenched at the plantation and he asks Julius for his help. About 80 -100 Spaniards are coming and Ben Gunn lets Billy loose.

They’re shooting at the Spanish and it seems like they’re holding them back when they hear a rumbling from the fields. 10 men on horseback ride through and then even more come just slaying everybody. The pirates retreat and Julius and his men still have not arrived.

Silver and them are fighting from inside a barn and some men come with torches to burn it down. Before they can Julius and his men come in to fight pushing the Spanish back into the corn.

Flint comes to the plantation and converses with Silver about the fight. Silver asks where Madi is and Flint doesn’t answer. Silver sits down suddenly and looks completely heartbroken. Dobbs reminds them that they need to be ready for the next attack and Flint says they need to leave. Silver says it’s over.

Silver is a hot mess. He asks about Rackham and Flint tells him they’re gone (they left for Eleanor’s grandfather without telling Flint what they were doing). Flint says he’s sorry and one thing Flint does know is loss. Silver tells him it wasn’t his fault.

Flint steps outside and they’re at the Maroon Island. There’s a bunch of people there, white and black, and apparently all the other people from similar islands and pirates from as far as Massachusetts came because they heard Nassau had fallen and they wanted to join the fight. There’s like hundreds of men and it seems they have a shot after all.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Silver is up to it.

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