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Blerd Parenting with Dynamic Life Coach Demi Austin-Thomas

Blerd Parenting with Dynamic Life Coach Demi Austin-Thomas

Written by: Chelsea Alexandra

Recently, Black Girl Nerds sat down with Family Dynamic Life Coach Demi Austin Thomas in Arlington, Texas.

Thomas is known for helping families reconnect with one another by getting to the core of parenting issues. She was recently highlighted on NBC’s Access Live and FOX 4 to further discuss her coaching and how to prepare for the upcoming school year.

What inspired you to get involved with parent coaching?

I realized that parent coaching was something that I was called to do when I realized that there was a greater need in the lives of the women that I was serving. I wish there could have been something far different that I would have been able to offer my parents when I was a younger me. I tried committing suicide at the age of 12 and 14 simply because my parents were busy working and not emotionally engaged. It doesn’t mean that they were bad people, but simply they were not taught. They only knew how to be what was demonstrated to them.

What is your favorite part about coaching parents and children?

I love being able to provide solutions for parents and struggling families. Sometimes you just need a life line and someone who is willing to get in the boat with you and serve as a mediator. 

How would you define your own parenting style, and what parenting style do you think is the most effective?

I have had to make adjustments with my kids, as I realized that I was parenting a personality. My position as a parent has always been to parent with an authoritative parenting style, which is firm, but flexible. I have an old school parenting style with a redefined approach to 21st-century parenting. I also recommend this style of parenting because it is the most effective and tends to raise resilient, confident, and high performing, emotionally healthy children. 

What are some upcoming projects you have in the works?

I am in the process of putting something special together for moms with a multi-city tour that will kick off and officially launch in Los Angeles. The event is entitled “Dream with Demi & Friends,” presented and sponsored by T-Mobile. I am so excited about this particular event because it’s something exciting and inspiring for all moms. I also have an upcoming women’s event in November for women called, “Girl Secure Your Bag!”

What is the most common question you get as a parenting coach?

The most common question I get from parents is, “Demi, how do I connect and engage with my kid/teen? I feel like my teen doesn’t like me. What can I do?” I sit down and consult with parents to help answer these questions and more. So if any readers want answers to these questions, connect with me. I can be found at

In this day and age, technology, specifically social media, is so important to our youth. What advice would you give children who constantly compare themselves to their peers?

Embrace your uniqueness. Be unapologetic about owning and loving yourself.

What is your definition of the ultimate Black Girl Nerd?

The ultimate Black Girl Nerd is confident in who she is. She doesn’t strive for perfection, but she is focused on elevating her life in every capacity. She serves her community and is considered an asset.

For more information on Demi Austin-Thomas, please visit or follow her @DemiAustinThomas on Instagram.

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