Blondie is the second web series written by the content creator and star of the series Latifah Johnson. Blondie is a six episode series on Youtube and it’s about a young Brooklynite Paige an outsider who often in her mind is “thoughtful” but to the rest of the world strangely misguided. She stumbles her way through oddball encounters with everyday life and mortifying hilarity ensues.




About Latifah: Latifah is a native New Yorker and grew up in Brooklyn. She has been acting for several years. She attended The William Esper Studio for theater and has studied improv. Blondie is loosely based off her and several awkward experiences in her life. She wrote the series to give a voice to people like her who have not been represented in the comedy world and often who are  misunderstood by their peculiarity. She feels whether people admit it or not we all had those weird moments and it’s okay because we all go a little blonde sometimes:)

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