Comics have been fulfilling for Black nerds like myself with their diversity for over 50 years. As a #WeNeedDiverseBooks champion in training, the lack of diversity in books could learn so much from its literary twin. Mojo by Everett Downing has only published Book One in its series, but one can predict there will be many more with this great start.




Mojo starts us off in a modern day world where magic is a reality. As a woman, a person of color and a person who grew up in a lower socioeconomic background, I instantly connected with Mojo’s main protagonist, “Creepy” (Awesome name, right?)

We’re brought right into the story where Creepy and her ability to wield magic are tested when she’s approached by a street gang. Her world takes a whole, new turn during the struggle when she is saved by a 7 foot tall magical golem-like creature.

This is a great read, especially if you are new to comics or are looking for a fresh take on the use of sorcery in literature. Even its tagline is awesome:

“Street Magic takes on a whole new meaning.”

As an Attack The Block mega-fan, it satisfies my need to see diversity in literature. geeks of color and Blerds rejoice, we got one!

You can purchase the comic here.


GuinevereGuinevere Thomas is one half of Twinja Book Reviews, a book blog that celebrates diversity in books in the day, and slays ninjas by night. Diversity is her strong point. Procrastination is her weak point.