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Brande Elise & Danielle Gray Encourage People To Be Beautiful Thinkers With CBD

Brande Elise & Danielle Gray Encourage People To Be Beautiful Thinkers With CBD


Brande Elise & Danielle Gray have recently relaunched their CBD & Lifestyle brand UNOIA to combat anxiety associated with COVID-19 & all the injustice in the world.

UNOIA encourages its users to be “Beautiful Thinkers” as they travel through everyday life and deal with some of the tough things our world has to offer, both physical & mental.


UNOIA is also targeted to users looking to improve their overall health. By simply adding their products to your food/drinks, or even moisturizing your skin with it, you can improve your overall health. They even offer products for pets! UNOIA has received support from celebrity influencers like Mimi Faust (Love & Hip-Hop ATL), & Toya Wright. Products can be purchased here.

Brande & Danielle are advocates for finding peace of by showcasing different practices in mindfulness, how wellness can encompass our life during the pandemic, explaining the difference between CBD & THC (component in Marijuana Products), discuss their love/business relationship, & more! Brande, was formerly engaged to WNBA star Angel McCoughtry.


She was even featured on a TLC show, “Say Yes To The Dress.” Now, she gives advice on how it is being in a business relationship with her new lover, Danielle Gray.

Brande Elise describes herself as a combination of every person she’s ever met. As a co-Founder of UNOIA, she brings an exhaustive network of celebrities, artists, photographers and influencers to the table. With a click of a button, her network can garner an audience of over 20 million people on social media. Brande is a former tennis professional and can speak about how CBD helped her wind down after a tough match, lower her anxiety level, and get creative. Danielle Gray has always been a bit out of the box – it makes sense how naturally marketing comes to her. She has owned and operated her marketing firm, DG Marketing Co. since 2016 and has traveled the country speaking to over 20,000 people. She developed and designed the UNOIA logo, brand and all marketing materials.

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Collectively, Brande and Dani are one of the most well-known couples in the South. They light up every room with their genuine energy and excitement for life.


UNOIA was established in Atlanta by founders, Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray in June 2019. The company grew rapidly once the city learned about their signature CBD honey and CBD agave products. Upon rebranding in April 2020, Unoia has expanded its product line to include CBD oral drops, CBD Muscle Relief, CBD Soothing Salve, CBD Pet Treats and Tinctures.

“The world is heavy right now. It is our job to provide light and help lighten up those feelings. We’re so excited about the relaunch because we’ve added so many new products to accommodate all of our beautiful thinkers,” says Danielle Gray.

“We are not only creating healers in the world, but we are enlightening and inspiring people to be with themselves during this difficult time,” says Brande Elise.

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