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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Prepares for the “Toitest of Nups”

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Prepares for the “Toitest of Nups”

This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine gives us some wedding planning and unplanning while showing how nefarious horses can be.

Peanut Butter and Boyl-sen-berry  

One of the police horses, Peanut Butter, has gone missing, and it’s in this moment we learn that Charles’s arch enemy is a horse. Charles hates Peanut Butter for stealing all the spotlight when he was awarded a Medal of Honor; which is too bad for him because he and Rosa have been tasked to find him.

After doing some research (aka detective work) they conclude that the horse is being held in a warehouse by one of the officers he worked with. They find Peanut Butter and his kidnapper and, panicked, the kidnapper starts a fire to escape. Rosa goes after the criminal leaving Charles to rescue his enemy. He unties Peanut butter, but the dumb horse doesn’t sense that he’s in danger, so Charles must hit him to get him moving. For some reason, Charles doesn’t let go of the rope attached to Peanut Butter and he gets dragged out of the warehouse by the horse.

A civilian gets a photo of Charles being dragged out of the warehouse looking like a dope, and the news makes it look like Peanut Butter is saving Charles. Charles is furious because he can’t win, and throws a fit. To make matters worse the department isn’t going to correct the story because it’s good press. 

Rosa, who has been telling Charles to let go both figuratively and literally (when he was holding the rope) feels bad for her friend constantly being one-upped by a horse and leaks the truth about what happened.  

Vulture Bae

Amy and Jake have taken the day to plan the “toitest nups” (a.k.a. tightest nuptials) and to show us how they complete each other. They secure all their vendors (including a cake with the building from Die Hard and flowers wrapped in NY Times crossword puzzle pages), but when they go to put a deposit on their venue (something they should’ve done first) they find out someone swooped in at the last moment and snatched it from them.

And who is the master of taking things you worked hard to get but the Vulture? They find out that the Vulture has somehow fallen in love with someone and plans to marry her on that same day. Peraltiago, as I will now formally address them, goes to find this poor unsuspecting woman, whom they assume is a monster (because who else would want to marry the Vulture) and bully her into changing the date. But when they go to find Vulture bae, she’s a saint. She runs a charity organization that feeds rice to starving children, and she looks like a cherub.

Obviously, they can’t bully this woman or tell her what a trash bag her fiancé is, that is until they realize that the Vulture is still using dating apps (thanks to Hitchcock) despite his commitment. Peraltiago catfish the Vulture and confronts him with the evidence (unsolicited d**k pics). He tells them they can have the venue if they keep their mouth shut because he honestly and truly loves this woman, but like all men he’s weak. They agree, because what’s the point of hurting her if he’s going to change, but it lasts all of 10 seconds before guilt and doing the right thing gets the best of them and they tell her the truth. Since they can’t get their deposits from the vendors back and the Vulture has decided he’ll throw a women’s pudding wrestling match in lieu of his wedding, Peraltiago decide to get married in a mess hall… on Staten Island.


This episode was a lot of fun. I love reoccurring Brooklyn Nine-Nine gags including the Vulture and all his awfulness. It was great to see how well Jake and Amy really know each even in the smaller ways.

Charles’s nemesis being a horse is the most Charles thing that has ever happened on this show, even though I thought it would be for something food related. Him being angry that he was upstaged felt a little out of character, especially considering he plays second fiddle to Jake all the time, but I do love how this show portrays male-female friendships platonically.

I thoroughly enjoyed Captain Holt psychoanalyzing Terry and his need to be liked by everyone. It’s an issue that has been briefly touched upon in past Thanksgiving episodes but it’s great to see in a work context, it’s also nice to know the other officers have names. Also, the issue of Terry (accidentally) speaking about woman’s body (he wasn’t) is also an interesting thread considering both the general air in Hollywood regarding sexual harassment and actor Terry Crews’ own openness about assault and consent.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to talk the Vulture’s fiancé into having her wedding a different day?

Research burns are the best kind because you are most likely 100% right

Favorite Quote(s)

“Don’t people call you Ray?” “How dare you?” 


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