Admit it. You’re jealous of those million-dollar homes in California.


You live in the state, or you’re just fascinated by it all. Either way, some of the richest celebrities live here. And, they own some of the most amazing properties in the country. Here are just a few that will make your mouth water.


Spelling Manor


California dreamin’. Built in 1988, the Spelling Manor is located in the very posh and upscale Holmby Hills part of Los Angeles. The Spelling Manor is known simply as “The Manor.”


It’s the one-time home of the Aaron Spelling. Today, the estate is the most expensive home in California, worth an estimated $125 million. It’s the kind of home real estate agents, and sites like, would love to have as a listing.


It’s also the largest home in Los Angeles County, clocking in at 56,500 square feet in total.


The home has a beauty salon, a doll museum, and a flower-cutting room, in addition to several other rooms designed solely for gift-wrapping and related activities. Candy Spelling, the widow of Aaron, sold the property in 2011 for an undisclosed amount of money.


Place Fleur de Lys


This home was once the most expensive home on the market, in 2008 before the housing crisis caused home prices to plummet. The mansion is situated in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The $100 million property built in the 1990s by David Saperstein drew inspiration from the
Once named the most expensive home on the market back in 2008, the Fleur de Lys mansion is situated in the swanky Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The $100-million property was constructed in the 1990s by entrepreneur David Saperstein using inspiration from the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte – a 17th century French chateau. Square footage is an estimated 45,000, with 12 bedrooms and a stunning 15 bathrooms.


Yuri Milner’s Los Altos Hills Mansion


This is the most expensive single-family home ever sold in the U.S. The Russian billionaire Yuri Milner bought the home for an estimated $100 million in 2011. The home has 25,000 square feet of living space, a wine cellar, and indoor and outdoor pools. It also contains a ballroom.


Weber Mansion


This mansion is named after its former owner. The mansion sits on 7.47 acres of land on Bellagio Road in L.A. It was bought by telecom mogul Gary Winnick in 2001 for $94 million. It’s not the largest home in this list, however, with just 28,725 square feet of living space.


However, the home features 20 bathrooms.


The Hearst Beverly House


This home sold for $95 million in 2010 after a battle between attorney and investor Leonard Ross and Bank of America. The home is the most famous property in beverly Hills, featuring over 50,000 square feet of living space. Built in the 1920s, it has arches ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and one of the most epic driveways in Southern Cali.


And, to up the cool factor, this home was once a favorite vacation spot for John and Jackie Kennedy. It was also where parts of the movie “The Godfather” were filmed.


Weintraub’s Malibu Estate


This home sold for $75 million in 2008, and sits on the beaches of south Paradise Cove, making it one of the most coveted homes in Malibu. The owner can sleep in any one of the 7 bedrooms and use its 11 bathrooms in the main house. Then, there are the two guest houses, an equestrian center, tennis courts, a private beach, and a pool (of course).


The Portabello Estate


This home was once featured on the Oprah show and went on the market for an amazing $75 million. The estate sits in Corona del Mar and is the only house resembling a nautilus shell when it’s viewed from overhead.


It has only 8 bedrooms, however. But, each is spacious, along with the rest of the estate. The master suite alone is 2,000 square feet. And, like many of the other homes in this list, it has all the amenities you’d expect for a home of this size. Some of the other rooms include a private theater, an automobile museum, a cafe, a gym, and a two-story grotto.


This house remains one of the most unusual in the area. It sat on the market for nearly three years. No one bought it. Then, mysteriously, it was taken off the market and never relisted. No explanation was ever given.