BGN TV Call for Writers

Do you love TV as much as we do in the BGN community? Are you live tweeting with us for #DatBot, #DatMurda, or #DemBows (do you know which shows those are)? Do you always have post-ep analysis once the Twitter live-tweet hangover has subsided? If so, then consider becoming apart of our TV recap team! BGN always wants to take things to the next level and as a community, we want you to be involved in our growth. Think of it as the beginnings of a BGN TV vertical! If you want to write about your favorite show(s) or have questions about the following, email me at

We’re looking for writers who can commit to writing about a show weekly with the Black Girl Nerds audience in mind. You can simply recap/review the show or discuss an element of the episode that might be especially relevant to you or our culture. We especially want to use this opportunity to show TV producers, executives, creators, etc that black women not only watch the shows they think we do (Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder), but we also love shows they don’t think we watch (basically any of the nerdy ones, who could all do better with their black girl representation).

The more we get our voices out there, the less they can ignore our viewing power. Maybe they will give Iris West and Vixen more scenes on The Flash and Arrow. Maybe we will get a Black female character on Supergirl or more scenes for Missandei on Game of Thrones. Or FOX will treat their Black female leads better (RIP Minority Report. And let’s not forget what they have done to Sleepy Hollow). We want to use this platform to potentially promote better roles for Black women in all TV genres, to discuss diversity representation, and to generally just geek out about what we love (especially this).

If you want to be apart of BGN TV, email me with some writing samples and tell me what show(s) you want to write about. (Remember, the more popular shows might be taken already.) This is a volunteer position (for now), but if you can commit to it, we’d love to have your opinions on the website!

(If you have non-weekly TV thoughts or non TV thoughts, you can still — as always — email and send her your essays and ideas.)