Caution Spoilers Ahead I love Game of Thrones (GOT). I love the fantasy, the intrigue, the decadence, and complicated world that it portrays. I enjoy its exploration of political systems, taboos, and destiny. I am sustained by its magic, and admire its characters’ perseverance. In short, I literally can’t take...
We love when black-ish goes there. The Johnsons lay all their money out on the table in episode 2x13. They should probably put it back in their accounts. BGN reviews "Keeping Up with the Johnsons." #blackish
And so it has happened. The moment we’ve all been dreading. Excuse me. I mean the moment for which we have all been waiting. Cami is a vampire. *pauses to roll eyes* We all knew it was bound to happen. It’s practically impossible to remain a human on this show. Admittedly,...
As Scott’s pack starts to slowly reunite, we learn about a pretty serious new evil that’s come to Beacon Hills…again. These people can’t catch a break, can they? While out looking for this big bad super-duper werewolf, Chris Argent discovers a pile of bodies covered in bugs. Aside from the...
xfiles mulder scully lab
'The X-Files' returns for a solid season 10, episode 2. We're getting back into the groove of things. BGN recaps, "Founder's Mutation."
Amanda Waller, one of the few black female characters in the DCTVU, deserved a better death. This recap is in her memory.
Welcome Back! Well, the dust has settled, and after watching the premier of Season 10, I decided to watch episode two and then go back to the first episode again, to give it another chance. Nah. It’s still pretty lame. But with enough embers of the fire that the show...
supernatural episode 11x11
This episode was a glorious throwback to the monster-of-the-week episodes of old, the ones that kept me up at night and gave me awful nightmares. Congratulations, SPN. You still got it. BGN recaps Supernatural 11x11.
Who has more secrets than an illuminati meeting? The lead characters on BBC America series London Spy, now airing in America. Check out our BGN review!
Have you noticed that the Lannisters from #GameofThrones are just like the Lyons on #Empire? We'll break it down for you.