Sideways, The Silencer

Tandem Review: ‘Sideways’ & ‘The Silencer’ Issue 1 — BGN Comic Review

‘The New Age of Heroes’ has released two new superheroes for us to love: Sideways and The Silencer. Read one comic book enthusiast’s review of the tandem comic books here, on Black Girl Nerds!

BGN Comic Review: ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’

Ask any Star Wars fan about Grand Admiral Thrawn and the majority of them will…

Black Panther and the Reclaiming of An Authentic Afrofuturism

Watching Marvel’s Black Panther for the first (and second) time, I reveled in the unapologetic…

BGN Comic Book Review: ‘The Black Dahlias’

Read on for the latest review of ‘The Black Dahlias’ Issue Zero by Schwarz, Clark, Syahrazad & Aguierre, right now on Black Girl Nerds!

Dark Nights Metal Issue 5

BGN Comic Book Review: ‘Metal’ Issue 5

Black Girl Nerds contributor Kai Charles returns with the latest review of ‘Dark Knights Metal Issue 5’ right here on Black Girl Nerds. Read on for more!

Long Live the King, Black Panther

‘Long Live the King’ Series Gifts Black Panther to the African Diaspora

The Black Panther: Long Live the King series from Marvel, exclusively for Comixology has been…

BGN Interview: Comic Book Artist Alitha E. Martinez

If you haven’t heard of Alitha E. Martinez, let me provide a brief explainer on…

bingo love, bingo love, bingo love

Bingo Love Evokes “Moonlight” In ‘San Junipero’ This Valentines Day

“For those who don’t know Bingo Love, I see it as Moonlight meets Black Mirror’s…

I’m Moving To Wakanda So I Can Relish In Black People Magic 24/7: #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe

Whoooooo! Black Panther debuts in theaters on February 16th. We’re only a few more days away! Stay…

Can You Believe It: Wesley Snipes Was Almost Black Panther!

As most of the world prepares to sit for the highly-anticipated Marvel film ‘Black Panther,’ former Marvel star Wesley Snipes reveals he nearly played the character 20 years prior! Read on for more.