Getting Healthier, One Step at a Time

I was 18 when my doctor warned me I was at risk for early onset hypertension. Barely an adult, I weighed 235 pounds and had 44% body fat. With a diet high in saturated fats and sugar coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, I was slowly damaging my joints and causing ...

Celebrating National Women’s Health Week with MomsRising, MyBrownBaby and More!

This week the country will be focusing on Women's Health and in particular Healthy Moms setting the stage for healthy families. Join MomsRising.Org and our Partners this week in promoting and participating in discussion about Healthy Habits for women and moms!NATIONAL WOMEN'S HEALTH WEEK ACTIVITIESAll Week - Healthy Mom BINGO MomsRising is inviting moms throughout the...

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