ViacomNEXT Brings VR to the Masses With ‘Smash Party,’ ‘Melody of Dust’ and More

Read on for an experience with the latest VR experiences from ViacomNEXT including Smash Party, Melody of Dust, and more!

The Legend is Real: Win a Lifetime of Burgers with the McGold Card #Ad

When I think of a "legend," so many things come to mind are people. Prince, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and so many others whose art has become canon---used to teach future generations but never duplicated. I think of places like that haunted but regal Winchester House, the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, which will be featured...

BGN Game Review: ‘For Honor’

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BGN’s Holiday Wish List: Nintendo’s New 2DS XL is Fun for All Ages

Now is the time to start shopping for those holiday gifts for friends and loved ones.  We will begin with this in-depth dive into Nintendo's game system and the experience of gameplay for both children and adults. Twenty-five years ago, a company named International Business Machines, better known as IBM, created what is considered to...

GaymerX East: BGN Interview With Tanya DePass of #INeedDiverseGames

The games industry needs more people like Tanya DePass. If you were at GaymerX East in November, you definitely saw her. Aside from working alongside GX as diversity liaison, Tanya was a constant presence at panels and discussions throughout the convention. And even after we spent some time discussing her ongoing endeavors and bookings,...

Pretty Poet INK Delivers Accessories For Your Inner Nerd

Find all your nerdy, fun, and fabulous jewelry accessories at Pretty Poet Ink, created by our own Black Girl Nerds member! Take a look!

The DeonteBox is the Perfect Subscription Box for a Nerd

I have tried several nerd boxes on my search for the one that sends items I can love each month. Unfortunately, each new box subscription comes with about 5 items, of which only one or two are items I truly like. The rest I give away, toss on e-Bay, or just leave on the...