A young priestess named Okira lives an ordinary and mundane life with the feeling that she is meant for something special. She finds out one day that her feeling is right and, with the help of a disjointed group, she must save her world from total destruction.



Celflux is a sci-fi, action-adventure, about OKIRA. A young, benevolent, kind-hearted priestess who becomes the involuntary leader of a disjointed group of strangers. Against the backdrop of a widespread call for greater diversity in comic books, comes a new ebony, lead, female character. Okira is presented as a character that anyone who has ever felt like their life has meaning and purpose can identify with. Her experiences mirror the reality that it is a difficult journey to realize and achieve your purpose in life. The comic follows her journey of discovery and personal growth as she seeks to find out why she has been given her abilities and how she can use them to help  others. For many the focus will not be Okira’s abilities, but her personality, struggles, and successes.

Celflux was created by the husband and wife team of Dixie Ann Archer-McBain and Everad J. McBain Jr. Dixie Ann is the founder of ArcherACS.com a virtual accounting tutor and administrative support website. Everard is the Creative Director and CEO of GemGfx.com. GemGfx is a multidisciplinary design consultancy. He has been involved in the field of Graphic Design for over 15 years. They both decided to embark upon the labor of love and bring this book to life.  They did so in 2014 with Celflux issue no.1 which landed on Amazon, Comixology and DriveThruComics to great reviews.



“If Han Solo or Hal Jordan walked into a bar on New Genesia, it wouldn’t feel out of place with its high-future landscapes, alien beasts, and super-human abilities. But it is the understated inclusion of the latter that makes this book work. The super-powered element, while impressive, feels a natural part of the universe. If anything, it’s adopted in a similar manner to how magic is utilized in a fantasy genre. It’s perfectly integral, as is the costume design. “ Scott Mack: IndieComix.net



Celflux issue no.2 will be launched in May 2016 starting with a free online screening of the book on May 16th, 2015. To be a part of the screening visit celflux.com or contact the team via their Facebook or Twitter page.

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