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‘Channel Zero’s Latest Season, ‘Butcher’s Block’ Does Not Disappoint

‘Channel Zero’s Latest Season, ‘Butcher’s Block’ Does Not Disappoint

Channel Zero (found on SYFY, Wednesdays 10/9c) is an anthology horror series that began with Channel ZeroCandle Cove (2016), premiered No-End House in 2017, and this year is Butcher’s Block. I’ve watched every season and it gets better with every new iteration and so far Butcher’s Block does not disappoint.

This season has two protagonists, sisters Alice and Zoe. Zoe suffers from schizophrenia (like their mother) and Alice is her self-appointed caregiver. After an episode with their mother, the sisters move to Garrett, a small town known as “The Worst Little Town You Never Heard Of” so that Zoe can put her social work degree to use. Her coworker tells her a story of Woodland Park, an abandoned area that is now a forest. People find weird things in there like staircases to nowhere and whatever you do, do not look at it or go near it.

So far, I find Candle Cove to be the creepiest of the series. Whenever I hear that calliope music the hair on my arms stand up and my eyes water. And while No-End House made me question my existence, it didn’t make me look over my shoulder. However, the first episode of Butcher’s Block is making Candle Cove sweat. I have some ideas as to what happened to the Peach family (vampires), but from watching two seasons of Channel Zero, I know that nothing is as it seems.

If you missed it, SYFY has the first episode on YouTube for free. So check it out here!

Tayci is a mother of 3 boys, a Ravenclaw, and a member of #WizardTeam. In her spare time she tries to write, but usually plays video games. You can find her work here and here and you can find her on Twitter and Tumblr @taycibear.

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