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Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

Written by: Chloe Hill

A bold statement, but an important one. I’ve been living long enough to tell you for a fact that it isn’t easy. Dreams don’t just come together on their own, nor will someone just put all you need at your feet. Not to mention how time gets away from you. It is easy for days to become months, and months to become years. It’s possible to go your whole life with your dreams firmly tucked away in your heart or worse, put away on a shelf to gather dust.

You could spend your whole life existing, working to live. Let’s be honest, that is the life that so many of us live. So many put aside our dreams not because we want to, but, because life gets in the way. Survival is key and dreams are hard to eat.

But hear me out.

I’m not saying to go out and quit your job and rush full steam toward your dreams. I´m asking if you have a dream that you don’t feel is worth investing in, why have it. I guess what I’m doing is questioning your resolve. What does your dream actually mean to you? I think for most people dreams are just something we have and hold, instead of something we chase. And that is the problem. They are often things that we want but aren’t willing to work towards. We are more likely than not to make excuses on why we can’t chase them. Lack of capital, children, working the list is infinite. But my question isn’t why don’t you have your dreams in hand, but why aren’t you willing to work toward them at all.For example, if you want to learn a language, and that’s your dream, but you’re not doing anything towards it. Then it isn´t something you really want.Dreams are things you want to grasp, things you believe you can do, right. So aren´t they worth a little effort? My advice for dream chasing is simple.

Give your dreams five minutes of your day. Every day.

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. Every second that you invest in yourself is worth its weight in gold. Not to mention that as time goes on, you´ll push yourself more and more and over time, five minutes quickly can become hours. I know sometimes dreams are larger than life, and that passion can often be overwhelming. But a commitment to yourself can put everything into perspective.


When I was twelve I got the worse news I think any active child could get. I had severe scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, so much so, that I had to have spinal fusion surgery to correct it. It was heartbreaking for me because I had always wanted to be a martial artist. My dream had always been to be something of a mix of Bruce Lee and Bruce LeRoy. It shattered my dream and made me too scared to do any sports.

Fast forward over a decade, one day I  decided that I was just going to do it. I decided to take Taekwondo. I had been so scared of pushing myself in the past, that I had never given any physical activity a chance. So I put aside my fear and decided to test my limits. One hour a day five days a week for two years. In that time I learned not only to push myself but how sweet it was to chase a passion. And on April 1st, 2014 after strenuous testing, I received my black belt. It wasn’t easy, I was sore almost every day. Yet I have no regrets, my drive is greater than my discomfort, so I persevered.

Just in case you were wondering, no, I’m nowhere near a Taimak or Bruce Lee level, but I’m so much closer to being a great martial artist than I ever was before. Or then I ever would have been if I hadn’t taken that leap. Overcoming fear is one of the biggest parts of dream chasing. After I did that, I realized that I had no reason to be afraid to do anything. The worse thing that could happen, is to be so afraid of failure that I never even try. I can honestly say that investing in my dreams is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done. Although even with the time I invest now, I still feel I can do more. If I can binge on the products of other’s dreams. Why can’t I binge on my own dreams with the same fervor? Why can’t you?

Maybe, one day if we´re lucky, we won’t have to work to support our dreams. Maybe they’ll grow big enough to support themselves. But even if they never get that big. I would rather die in a constant state of chasing them. Then just existing in life as I watch them die.

But hey, thats just me, the choice is yours.


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Chloe’ Hill is an Esl teacher who currently lives abroad. She is an avid comic collector and photographer. She’s can often can be found playing LoZ or building gundams. She dreams of writing science fiction novels, but in the meantime she’s going to rewatch all the Star Trek series. She can be followed on Twitter at @BlerdLikeMe.

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  • Excellent editorial. I especially liked “We are more likely than not to make excuses on why we can’t chase them. ” First-class viewpoint in my opinion.

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