Who says there isn’t life after Elm Street?

I am a dear fan of Ken Sagoes whom you may recognize by face as Kincaid from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and archetype exemplifyer in A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.


Aside from making convention appearances and demonstrating his exuberant personality in the definitive undertaking of the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, Never Sleep Again, Ken has kept his ground in the entertainment industry firm with brief acting roles here and there. More prominently, he has become an award winning screenwriter, educator, and founder of Giving Back, a non-profit organization that gives under served youth the resources needed to maintain their vibrancy and transition smoothly into higher education with the supplies and support they need.

Currently, Ken is working on directing a short film titled, The Secret Weapon. The film will focus on teenagers who defied their parents and the no ruffling feathers-status quo of the South to expose the injustices of racism during a time when the Civil Rights Movement was plagued with fear by a strong Klan presence and varying councils in favor of racial segregation.

A Kickstarter campaign has been started to fund this ambitious project and our giving/sharing/efforts to spread the word is much needed and would be deeply appreciated. It’s not uncommon for young people to feel disenfranchised and ineffective in the struggle for freedom and agency. The Secret Weapon aims to act as a resounding example that persistence in the face of extreme opposition can have an impact that will effect the lives of generations, present and future.

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Ken’s list of experiences gives me hope that The Secret Weapon will be a thoughtful yet entertaining educational weapon aimed at helping us all feel empowered to change our lives and those of others for the greater good.

Enjoy the video and donate if you can!