Name: Regine L. Sawyer11295669_10205693700555037_2767135200932151334_n

Company: Lockett Down Productions Publications; Women in Comics NYC Collective International

Job Title & Description: Owner/Writer/Creator for LDP & Coordinator/Founder of WinC NYC

Jamie: How long have you been working in the comics industry?

Regine: I have been in the industry for 9 years and have had my own company for 8.

Jamie: Describe why you chose the industry and the path you took to get there (education, internships, etc.).

Regine: Since childhood, I have always loved literature, art, and creative writing; comic books combine all three so I was naturally drawn to the medium. I started creating characters and storylines at any early age and continued building on them. As I got older I took English and Creative Writing classes that helped me hone the craft of storytelling. Which came in handy, because once I became a senior in high school I started submitting stories to Scholarship Programs, and actually won a couple. I even applied to and was accepted by the National Book Foundation’s Writer’s Camp two years in a row; from 2001-2002. That was an experience I will never forget, because I learned how to collaborate with other writers, edit, critique as well as take criticism, and how to improve my writing in general.

With all that said, once I decided to enter the Comic Book Industry, I used those skills to learn how to write comic book scripts. In 2006, I met Rob Taylor who owns the indie comic book company, Super Human Works and began working for him as an Editor, Script Transcriber, and Talent Scout. In the midst of that, I read everything that I could get my hands on about writing for comics as well as books that were the same genre of Sci-Fi that I wanted to write. After a year and a half of immersing myself into learning the industry; I decided to start my own company.


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Jamie: What are some of the highlights of your career/current job or project so far?

Regine: There have been so many, but the number one highlight has to be when my first book was published. I almost cried; I was so happy! It felt like everything that I had experienced lead me to that exact moment. The next was being recognized on the BET website as a Comic Book Publisher people need to know. And most recently, hosting a panel at New York Comic Con 2014 with Women in Comics NYC Collective International to an audience of 700 people with standing room only; it was one of the most humbling events of my career.

Jamie: We featured two of your comics under our Try A New Comic series Eating Vampires and The Rippers. Can you briefly tell us what each comic is about?



Regine: The Rippers is my baby; I started writing it when I was 17 years old. It’s about an Intergalactic, Government Regulated, Bounty Hunter named Rhiannon O’Cair who is a accused of a crime that she doesn’t remember committing. Eating Vampires is my newest project. It’s about a young girl named Evelyn, who is the last of a race of Healers, her Vampire Eating guardian Rigel and lengths that the latter goes through in order to protect her from Preternatural beings that want her dead.

Jamie: Any lessons you’d like to share about your time in the business so far?

Regine: I have learned that the process of honing a craft never ends. There is always something a person can improve; it’s important to give your best to your audience. Once you set the bar, always try to surpass it with every story. Also, not to get discouraged; all industries have challenges but it’s important to not bow down to them if you expect to succeed. Always find a way or opportunity to circumvent and/or rise above them!




Jamie: Since this series does revolve around comics, can you list your Top 5 favorite comic books or comics you are currently reading?

Regine: 1. Bleach by Viz Media…it’s my favorite series, manga or otherwise
2. Bitch Planet by Image Comics
3. Curb Stomp by Boom Studios
4. Hero Born by Xmoor Studios
5. Get Backers by Tokyo Pop

Jamie: Any advice you’d like to pass along to someone interested in the comics industry?

Regine: Always put your best foot and work forward. Be prepared to work hard towards your goals; especially if you are going to go the indie route, money will not come quickly, you’ll be paid mostly in the love that you have for the medium for a long time. But if this is truly your passion, it will turn out to be worth it in the long run. Also, learn as much as you can about the industry, read books about it, attend comic cons and other networking events, take classes on writing and art; but more importantly draw and/or write as much as you can; you want to be the best writer/artist that you can be.



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Jamie: Are you attending any events or participating in any panels in Spring/Summer 2016?

Regine: So far, I’ll be participating in several shows and events; The Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, Drink & Draw Like a Lady, the Queens Book Festival, the Bronx Book Festival, and San Diego Comic Con. In addition, WinC NYC already has two Exhibitions on schedule and we have been invited to host panels at several Literary and Multi-Media Conventions. We will also be holding the Second Annual Women in Comics Con in May of 2016.

Jamie: Any last notes or information you’d like to include?

Regine: My websites and Social media info-,, @LockettDown & @Womenincomicsny on Twitter, Lockett Down Productions Publications & Women in Comics NYC Collective International on Facebook


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