Name: Wi-Moto Nyokaheadshot1

Company: Dusky Projects

Job Title & Description: Performer, writer, all around media maker

Jamie: How long have you been working in the industry?

Wi-Moto: I was one of those weird theater kids

Jamie: Describe why you chose the comics/entertainment industry and the path you took to get there (education, internships, etc.)

Wi-Moto: Performing is something I’ve always done and to be honest, I can’t remember what it was exactly that
made me include motion comics in my work. A combination of loving illustration and only ever seeing
women who kick butt in that medium, maybe? I also like the lasting quality of comics which is nonexistent
in theater. A play is meant to happen ‘in time’ and be gone, that’s part of the magic. A film is
more permanent but also inflexible. But comics can go on, adapt, are tangible while simultaneously
rooted in their times. It’s fascinating and I’m intrigued by the idea of bringing that to other mediums I
work in and vice versa. Plus, I got tired of being one of those people who complained about not enough
representation, the gigs I was booking or parts I could audition for, etc. Sometimes you just gotta get up,
create opportunities and participate in being dope.




Jamie: What are the highlights of your career/current job or project so far?

Wi-Moto: I’ve recently become a member of the Women In Comics NYC collective, Indie Boots Theater Festival
produced one of my short plays (a zombedy) this past spring, I was an assistant director for the first time
on the play Rachel at New Brooklyn Theater (we got a great review), and I got into the Performance &
Interactive Media arts MFA program at Brooklyn College. It’s been good year.

Jamie: Any lessons learned you like to share about your time in the business so far?

Wi-Moto: Create communities or get involved with some, it’s awesome sauce. The whole “superwoman-you-cando-it-all” is toxic and counterproductive. Don’t do it. Make friends who do what you do and make friends
that don’t. Diversity is, in fact, natural. Even though some folks scream otherwise.




Jamie: Any links to past/upcoming projects or a portfolio you’d like to share?

Wi-Moto: I put everything on my site

Jamie: Since this series does revolve around comics, what is the best comic book you’ve ever read?

Wi-Moto: Right now I’m into Ajala and Day Black. I have no favorites, just moods.

Jamie: Tell us about your web series and what is it about?

Wi-Moto: The Last Days of Kartika uses hero mythology to explore the power of perception and notions of second class citizenship in our cultures. Dusky Diana is the would-be hero recruited by underground rebel group Community Education in their fight to ruin the sinister Phercy Corporations. The series follows the
evolution of the rebel group from a grassroots movement to an enemy of the state.



Jamie: Are you attending any events or participating in any panels in Spring/Summer 2016?

Wi-Moto: I’m hoping to be doing live readings of my musical Hero How To at some of the Women In Comics NYC
events. I think some live music shows at comic-cons would be fun. Half of us are in costumes anyway 🙂




Jamie: Any last notes or information you’d like to include?

Wi-Moto: About my musical…..

Hero How To, is a theatrical experience that incorporates animation, movement and live Hip Hop music.
It is the origins story of the would-be hero Dusky Diana, and prequel to the web series The Last Days of
Kartika.  Through the use of two mediums, film and theater, our piece tells the story of one city in its final days.



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