Real Name: Mercedes “Misty” Knight
Alias: Maya Corday, Control
Publisher: Marvel Comics
First Appearance: (name revealed) Marvel Premiere #20 (January, 1975) (actual appearance) Marvel Premiere #21
Affiliation: New York Police Department, Nightwing Restorations Ltd, Heroes for Hire, Daughters of the Dragon, Fearless Defenders
Superpower: Superhuman Strength, Technopathy, Bionic Arm, Martial Artist, Hand-to-Hand Combatant




Misty Knight is a highly skilled and decorated police officer of the NYPD.  After a terrorist bomb attack, Misty lost her right arm in an explosion.  Tony Stark came to her aid by creating a bionic prosthetic arm under Stark Industries which gave her superhuman strength.  She resigned from her desk job at the NYPD and became a private investigator working closely with Colleen Wing.  Misty has had run-ins with various Marvel characters including Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Jean Grey (who was her roommate) and Iron Fist.




Misty’s bionic arm is composed of vibranium, a natural resource of Wakanda and the same material made in Captain America’s shield.  The Daughters of the Dragon is the private investigative duo of Misty and Colleen who are skilled martial artists.  Misty Knight met Danny Rand aka Iron Fist and the two fell in love.  Under Knightwing Restorations Ltd, Knight aided Iron Fist and went on to take various crime cases under Heroes For Hire.  She has fought with Luke Cage and Power Man.




Shortly after fighting Luke Cage, the two later became friends. Misty has had a long time off-again and on-again relationship with Iron Fist that at times grew more complicated.  In an off period, she dated Tyrone King, which caused a falling out in her friendship with Colleen Wing.  However, when Misty had a near-death accident and almost drowned, Iron Fist came in to save her and she broke off her relationship with King and reconciled with Danny.

Aside from the composition of vibranium, which makes her arm virtually unbreakable–it is also technopathic–which gives her the ability to manipulate robots and other forms of technology.

On November 6, 2013, it was announced that Netflix has ordered a series for an Iron Fist TV show.  There has been no mention of other characters to be cast as of yet, but given the history of Rand and Knight–it would be impossible not to see Misty Knight appear in the episodic Netflix series.  Rumors have swirled around that Ryan Philippe is in talks for the role and is currently listed on the IMDB site.  However, many fans have also spoke out about removing the “white savior” trope by casting an Asian actor for the role instead.



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