Real Name: Natasha Irons
Alias: Steel, Starlight, Vaporlock
Publisher: DC Comics
First Appearance: Steel (vol. 2) #1 (February 1994) as Steel
Affiliation: Infinity Inc, Team Superman

As Steel: Wears armor that gives her super strength and allows her to fly and grow 60 ft tall and size-shifting

As Starlight:  Enhanced strength and endurance, projection of light bursts, making of energy barriers, and flight.

As Vaporlock: Flight and transformation into vapor.





13-year old Natasha Irons is introduced in Steel as the niece of Steel aka John Henry Irons.  As she ages, she acquires an internship position working for a U.S. Senator.  Natasha began as a supporting character to the superhero Steel and was rescued after Hazard kidnaps her.  Natasha later returns the favor when Steel himself is captured by Darkseid.  John was injured tremendously in battle and Natasha took over his reign as Steel.  John also helped to design her suit, which was new and improved and more advanced than his had been.  In 52, Natasha got into an altercation with John and he took away her Steel suit.  Although Natasha is upset, she has a deep interest in joining the Teen Titans.  John is against her joining which is why he took away her Steel armor.  At this point, Natasha’s powers are gone and she works to create her own suit. She later adapted new skills and went under the alias Starlight.  However, later she gets into a fight with Lex Luthor and he strips her of her superpowers.  Natasha survives and begins to work for Steelworks. After 52, Natasha develops the power to undergo a metamorphic change in which her body becomes a vaporous substance, which gave her the codename Vaporlock.

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According to Wikipedia, Natasha appears in the episode of Superman: The Animated Series entitled “Heavy Metal” voiced by Cree Summer. She is still depicted as the niece of John Henry and was proud when she learned he quit working for Lex Luthor as well surprised of her uncle’s relationship with Superman.  Natasha also made a TV appearance in a episode of The Justice League.


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