Real Name: Mari Jiwe McCabe

Alias: Vixen

Publisher: DC Comics

First Appearance: Action Comics #521 (1981)

Affiliation: Justice League, Suicide Squad, Checkmate, Ultramarine Corps, Birds of Prey

Superpower: Animal mimicry powers, healing Powers,  and hand to hand combatant.

Vixen has the ability to channel powers of any animal and has the power to heal.  Vixen can also channel extinct animals like the Sabretooth Tiger and the Triceratops.  However, in addition to her powers, she is also a fashion designer, model, and trained psychiatrist.  Vixen has mostly been seen as a member of an ensemble such as teams like Justice League and Suicide Squad.  A totem in ancient Africa was created to give powers to whomever shall wear it with access to the animal kingdom.  Rev. Richard Jiwe possessed the totem and was later killed by Mari’s uncle.  Mari shortly thereafter moved to New York City as a model and used her wealth to travel the world.  She traveled back to Africa and met with her uncle where she retrieved the totem and became who we now know as Vixen.

Vixen is not always able to control the inputs from the morphogenetic field. Sometimes, she has absorbed unwanted animal behavior, such as instinctive rage. The longer she stays in contact with the morphogenetic field, the less human and more animal she seems to become.

Vixen later had in her own miniseries called Vixen: Return of the Lion. In this series she returns to Africa to hunt for her mother’s murderers, but discovers new focus when using her powers.  In Final Crisis, Vixen is the leader of the Justice League.  With the reboot of the DC Universe into the New 52, Vixen was a founding member of the new Justice League International. Vixen is shown as one of the many heroes chosen to join the Justice League.


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