Let me first start out by saying…”Yes to this comic strip collection!!” It’s always fun when you are scrolling through Twitter and or Facebook and come across a fresh new piece of reading material. Well that is what I found in this comic strip collection from creator and illustrator Jomo London, “Asia Sunday Comics: Full of Twists Like a Braid”.

“Asia Sunday Comics: Full of Twists Like a Braid” is a breath of fresh air in the comic strip world. It’s fun, quirky, innovative and imaginative. This is the type of comic strip that is not only appealing to just children/youth, but adults as well. Creator and cartoonist Jomo London paints a picture of a young girl Adia who is far beyond the average person. According to London, “Along with her friends, Adia Sunday Comics is humorous escape to different situations Adia finds herself in.” This is important to take note of because the various storylines bring a level of excitement in which readers can journey with her.

Along with fun-loving stories, the small details of color, font style, and of course the art are very much noticeable. Adia, her friends and family are cleverly drawn and add a whimsical flavor to the comic strip. The colors that London uses remind me of art by fellow comic strip and illustrator Jennifer Crute. This work is also reminiscent of some other Sunday comic strips like the look of “Beetle Bailey,” the script style of “Hagar the Horrible”, and the hopeful and earnest feel of “B.C.”, but what makes “Adia Sunday Comics” different is an added charm and “color”. In addition, it should be noted that this comic is not just a white comic painted brown, but an original comic cartoon with “mainstream appeal”.

Now with all great things, sometimes there are places for improvement. A few minor glitches in “Adia Sunday Comics”, that may or may not be intentional, include the fact that there are various storylines in this one collection. At points, just when the reader gets into a particular story, it changes to a new one. Being that this is just the beginning of what is to come, according to London, the comic strip would benefit by elaborating on some of the stories within the larger text. For example, one would love to know more about the incident at the zoo with the panda bear, or the jumping over the bar story. Both of these storylines have the potential to be “fun teachable moments” versus just simply a fun and cute dialogue among the characters in the panel. However, even despite the above mentioned glitches, with more massaging and extended stories, readers can be further convinced that young black girls are beyond monolithic.

Now one things that does leave me wondering is the significance of the title. It’s something about the “Full of Twists Like a Braid” that leaves me wanting more. This is just one of the many things that I hope to learn more and see more in future works from London. Plus knowing that there is new material such as “Adia Sunday Comics” gives me further hope that diversity in comic strips is alive and well, and not going anywhere no time soon.

To find out more about “Adia Sunday Comics” & its creator Jomo London you can find him on Twitter.com @adiacartoons; Pinterest.com-adiacartoons; & Email: adiacomics@yahoo.com

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars