Revenger is a hidden gem amongst the virtual flood of comics available to readers today. I’m forever grateful to the Comixologist podcast for not only bringing this book to my attention, but also giving listeners a copy of the first issue digitally through the Comixology app.


Revenger is a grab-you-by-the-throat-read that starts bloody and gets more intense by the page turn. Here is how creator Charles Forsman describes the main character:

“Revenger travels a broken United States helping the weak and exploited through the use of extreme violence.

When all else fails, Revenger evens the score”




In issue one of the series, we see Revenger in action as she helps a young man find his missing girlfriend. I really love Forsman’s  artistic style. It’s four color gorgeousness with a sparse panel style that intensifies the action. I also love the look of Revenger. She’s a kickass woman of color, haunted by the past but not stopped by it. She has scars both internally and externally and a fierce gaze that should send those who see it running.




Her desire to help others could be considered cathartic, but energetically there is a pleasure for Revenger and the reader in seeing very deserving asses getting kicked! There are some rough bits in this series. Charles doesn’t flinch from them or glorify the violence on either side.

Forman self publishes Revenger through the imprint Oily. You can order Revenger comics through his site at

You can get the first five issues of the series on Comixology and the One-shot: Revenger is Trapped.  There is also a new four issue mini-series coming that can be ordered on Charles’s site.

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