BGN-OFFICIAL.blckBGN is currently seeking interns and volunteers to help contribute their time and talent to this space. If you are interested in one of many roles we have available, please fill out the contact form below. If you are a full time student, your work will qualify as an internship; so please indicate in the body of the form that you are a student so all necessary paperwork can be completed to have you qualified for your internship.

What are the perks of working with BGN? Many of our writers have gone on to other websites like Blavity, The Guardian, and The Mary Sue, because of their solid work in this online community. We also cover several conventions across the country, so your work here does qualify you as press for future opportunities! To qualify as press, you do have to contribute at least 3 months worth of content on the website. Finally, BGN has over 80K followers combined on all of our social media networks! That gives you exposure as a content creator and builds leverage to help you create your own platform!

Here are the roles we are currently looking for!

Social Media Curator – BGN assistant will have access to the @blackgirlgeeks and @bgnpodcast accounts.  On the @blackgirlgeeks account; the assistant is expected to live-tweet TV shows, participate in bi-weekly tweets of Netflix movies, repost links and images from previous blog posts, and engage with followers on the account.  On the @bgnpodcast account; the assistant is expected to recap previous podcast episodes, repost links, and promote upcoming shows.  All tweets are related only to the podcast, however the assistant can engage with followers. Our Tumblr and Pinterest accounts are also in need of some serious updating!

Podcaster – BGN assistant will serve as co-host on episodes of the weekly podcast.  This is a role where you must feel comfortable interviewing and casually conversing with high profile guests.  Podcasts are usually recorded during the weekdays in the evenings and you must have a Skype connection with a high quality mic.

Writer – We are always seeking writers to contribute their thoughts and perspectives to our platform!  We work to feature strong and unique content from writers who speak to our niche.  We will accept articles written from other websites, but please get approval first from the editor and also include the link to your article when submitting.  All written articles to BGN are accepted in word doc format.

Copy Editor – Having more than one pair of eyes to make sure all of the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed is always needed!  If you have copy editing experience and would like to add more to your resume, please contact us!  Editorials are published on a daily basis so we do expect a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours.

Newsletter Assistant – We have a newsletter!  The BGN assistant must have experience in MailChimp and some experience working with newsletter templates.  Must be available to work the newsletter on a bi-weekly basis.

YouTube Vlogger – We have a YouTube channel and we are in need of vloggers and YouTube aficionados who would like to join us! We would love for you to use BGN as a way to cross-promote your channel or if you are just getting your feet wet and would like more experience, this is a great platform to start!  All of your own videos will need to be edited before submitting to us, and we will take care of the graphics.  YouTube is still new for us, so we are open to your ideas of what you would like to do!

Many people join our team for educational purposes, entertainment purposes, and for experience building. If you would like to be a part of Black Girl Nerds; fill out the form, refer to the role or roles you are interested in within the subject line, and tell us why you would be a valuable candidate!

BGN is a startup with small funding.  Currently, we do not have the budget to pay staff, so all positions are volunteer only.