Cynthia Francillon

image1Cynthia Francillon is a writer, actress, and professional daydreamer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Cynthia began writing at 10 years old, from short stories to poetry, when she noticed the YA books at her school’s library were extremely boring with a lack of diversity. It wasn’t until she got into high school, where she took up musical theater for community service hours, that she realized she had a natural talent for acting. She starred in three plays, and met other Black Girl Nerds in the process who introduced her to fanfiction, where she expanded her writing, featuring Black girls around her age in adventures that didn’t exclusively “belong” to straight cis white people, illustrating that other people go through those same problems, too, if not more strenuous.

Soon, she began blogging, which allowed her to step away from fiction and more into personal works, writing essays and articles about issues she became passionate about. She went to college to earn a Bachelor’s in Journalism, and after taking more than enough TV/Film production classes, aimed for a minor in Media Arts (TV/FILM) when she realized she’d love to take her representation further and be both in front AND behind the camera creating visual media for the stories she wrote.

With her writing, acting, and imagination skills, Cynthia hopes to create a production company that produces media, from films to TV shows to books to video games, that tells stories of the Outcasts (the oppressed), especially for Black women. Aside from normal stuff like poking at her flaws, pledging Electro Phi Beta, wishing she had Janelle Monae on speed dial, lip syncing to the many tunes in her numerous (and increasing) playlists via Spotify, and reading anything with words that grab her attention span at its peak, Cynthia can be found making videos, social media-ing, and donating her time to political means.