Reagan Jackson

Greetings fellow nerds and afro-punks. My name is Reagan Jackson. I had the great displeasure to grow up in Madison, Wisconsin. As soon as it was legal to do so, I escaped to greener pastures. My first stop was Seattle, WA, which has subsequently become the home base for my many travels. I am international educator and have spent several years abroad, living and working in Japan, Chile, Spain, and Guatemala as a language teacher and also as a facilitator of study abroad programs for US high school students.

My passions include social justice, art, spirituality, travel, and of course, writing. My experiences abroad have been a great catalyst for my art and writing. I am a painter, a Slam poet, and most recently I have become a community organizer working to make change at Walmart. To find out more about me, check out my website Also please check me out on Facebook at God, Hair, Love, and America. That is where I post daily snippets of poetry and/or abbreviated versions of my political diatribes.