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“The 100” Countdown to Season 5: Best 5 Character Reunions

“The 100” Countdown to Season 5: Best 5 Character Reunions

the 100, the 100, the 100

You may be impatient for Season 5 of The 100 to grace your screen; I know that I am. But no one is more on edge for the triumphant return of the CW’s gritty post-post-apocalyptic romp* than the showrunner himself, Jason Rothenberg. For proof one need only take a quick perusal of his Twitter feed, which is awash in behind the scenes pictures and trailer stills accompanied by toe-tapping, clock watching little messages like the one below:

Now we’re just playing the waiting game until The CW releases the trailer and premiere date, but what should we do in the meantime? I have always found ‘Best of’ lists to be a valuable way to pass the time. And with everyone cooling their jets between the bunker, Earth, and the Go Sci ring for 6 years, a significant amount of time in season 5 will be about reunions. So in honor of this, let’s have a look back at the top 5 reunions from seasons 1-4 of The 100.

* – romp in this instance refers to an unceasing, soul-eviscerating struggle for survival

Bellamy and Octavia in 4.11 “The Other Side”

the 100, the 100, the 100There are no bad actors among the cast of The 100. Everyone is top notch, but even among these talented people, Bob Morley stands out especially during his quietly emotive moments. The way he says “I love you so much,” destroys me every time. The Blake’s are infinitely watchable whether they’re at their most dysfunctional and combative or when they lean on each other like life rafts. This is the latter, and it completely underscores that moment in the episode when Echo agrees that Bellamy’s love for Octavia would save them all because of course, it does.


Kane and Jaha in 2.6 “Fog of War”

the 100, the 100, the 100It made perfect sense that the mystery person in Kane’s cell was Jaha but an episode had passed without him, so it wound up being a pleasant surprise for me. This was the beginning of Jaha the Prophet. His unlikely survival coupled with his chance meeting with Marcus solidified his certainty that he was destined to lead his people to The City of Light. Fresh from planting the Edin Tree as a tribute to his mother and the enduring spirit of humanity, Kane also saw himself as being on a sacred mission of sorts. Unification with the grounders was his goal. The subsequent ideological tussle was compelling to watch. And of course, it led to the intro of Lexa. (Quick aside, if I ever do a list of favorite character entrances, Lexa’s would appear at the top.)

Indra and Gaia in 4.3 “Four Horsemen”

the 100, the 100, the 100The audience never met Gaia before episode 4.1, Echoes when she yelled from the audience, challenging King Roan’s legitimacy as Flamekeeper during his Polis speech. But this was a reunion for the estranged mother and daughter. It was extremely effective because the acting was so visceral. Gaia feels her Calling like an extension of herself, but Indra viewed Gaia as an extension of herself, someone to carry on her legacy. Add the presence of Octavia, Indra’s surrogate daughter, and you have about a million different complex and painful emotions held aloft in the sea of love found between mothers and daughters. Stunning.

Clarke and Lexa in 3.2 “Wanheda Part II”

the 100, the 100, the 100One of the best scenes in The 100 to this point was the moment in 2.11 “Coup de Grace” when Clark, backed by Octavia, Indra, and the other grounders, walk up to Abby and tell her, “You may be the chancellor but I’m in charge.” That entire sequence is fist pumpingly awesome, and certainly Clarke’s biggest moment of triumph. So when Lexa betrayed her and all of Skaikru, it was as if she stole that moment from Clarke turning her into a naive stooge who alternatively had to commit an atrocity with Bellamy and Monty to make things ‘right’ again. I was beyond pissed. Therefore it was so satisfying and fitting when Clarke went completely feral on Lexa in the S3 premiere. Of course, I, like Clarke, got past my anger when Lexa kneeled before her and declared fealty because, damn that was something.

Clarke and Bellamy in 2.5 “Human Trials”

the 100, the 100, the 100The day after an emotional reunion with Abby, Clarke gets to reunite with co-leader of the 100, Bellamy. Abby had already told her that Bellamy was alive, but in this world, when someone is out of sight anything could happen to them. So you really get the sense that Clarke doesn’t quite believe Bellamy survived until she sees him ambling through the front gate. This is another reunion enhanced by the others in attendance. First, we see that Raven has been waiting up for her all night (awww). Then Clark sprints across the courtyard, all injuries and aches forgotten as she hurls herself into Bellamy’s arms. There is a moment where his eyes flash in surprised confusion and he staggers back before he returns her hug with the same ferocity and answers her smile with one of his own. Lastly, Octavia’s loving snark about the unlikelihood of this sight reminds us of the rough road it took for Bellamy and Clarke to become trusted partners. This reunion is *kisses fingers*


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Because of all the different branching adventures on The 100, reunions are common. This is just a small sampling of my faves but there are so many more. What are your favorite The 100 reunions?


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  • My absolute favorite reunion was the one you put as #1- the s2 bellarke reunion. I love them so much ????. And I loved that you gave Bob Morley a shout-out! He is a fantastic actor and deserves so much love and appreciation!

  • Very nice list. That Clarke/Bellamy reunion is still my favorite of them all so I am pleased with it getting the top spot. Also love the special praise for Bob’s acting. He is truly talented.

  • Yeah, I did not get over anything when Lexa kneeled down, because she made Clarke kneel first and she only swore fealty to her when noone was watching *major eye roll*
    Also, she only did it because she was in love with her, not because it was the right thing to do.
    I would’ve forgiven Lexa if she’d ever shown any remorse but she never did. So, sorry, not sorry.

    #1 is obviously the best reunion of the series *so far*. I think we can expect some reunion to top that in S5, whether it’s between Bellarke, the Blakes, Clarke and Abby, Clarke and the space squad etc. We’re bound to get amazing reunions when the show FINALLY returns.

    I also love the scene in 2×16 when Clarke and Octavia reunite with Bellamy, Jasper and Monty. Especially Jasper and Monty both hugging Clarke together and her mouthing “thank you” to Maya.

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