Who: Ibrahim Ganiyu

Works: June XII, Lil Thunder, and Dark Edge

Publisher: Vortex


Jamie: Who inspires and what are you reading now?

Ibrahim: I’m inspired by a lot of things, plantation, people … the ordinary ones, but in art there would be Jim Lee, Travis Harez, Scott William and a few others, currently I’m reading 2000 AD; George dread, Bryan Bolland (DC popular artist), Ultimate Iron Man, I’m more interested by content than art, cause that’s what drives the story to leave through generations.


Jamie: What are the highlights of your career?
Ibrahim: Publishing Dark Edge in 1999 was a huge time for me cause then we sat back and knew that this was the beginning of a new age and it was a great time to be alive, 1st 3 page this day interview, Dufil illustration of icon Indomie Characters.

Jamie: What is your advice to upcoming creator?

Ibrahim: Don’t stop learning, knowledge is the basis of creativity you can’t create unless you know, keep learning, regardless the relevance to art. Practice is the application of knowledge. Don’t forget your roots, create for Africa.

Jamie: What’s your story? 

Ibrahim: Hi, I’m Ibrahim Ganiyu and I create. I believe creation is the essence of my being, everything that happens in life forces you to create.
My full name is Ibrahim Adeola Ganiyu, (AKA Sir GAI). I’m a creative person by birth, Graphic designer by Education, Illustrator by choice, Animator by design and an all-round Creative artist by everything else. I was born in Lagos in November, 1976. I’m the CEO and Creative director of ICS studios a creative product and service company founded in 1990 back in high school as I was always inspired by creativity, I engage in all forms of digital art including Animation, it kinda just flows through me. I’m married with 3 kids two are twins so you can call me Baba Ibeji (Father of twins) family means everything to me.

I signed up with Vortex in 2015 and I see the dream clearly in physical vision already.

Jamie: Tell us about your comics June XII & Lil Thunder. 

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Ibrahim: June XII was birth from a deep thirst of a better Nigeria; I was tired of being helpless to the situation things, although things corruption and organised crime is all over the world its reckless and a norm here in Nigeria. I created June XII to battle and wave off this cancer, this fictional character is becoming a real life icon as it has been sponsored by YAC (Youth against Corruption) an NGO centered on integrity. Lil Thunder is a warp back into the life of Sango Yoruba God of thunder and general in the old Oyo Empire in this fun story told we see how Sango formed solid friendships and his adventures that shaped the 2 faced god of thunder, we intend to cross cultures with this project and prove that its not only the internet that makes the world a smaller place.

Jamie: Where can we find more of your work? 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejunexii/

FB Profile: https://www.facebook.com/icsgaison

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ganiyuibrahim
June XII #1 – http://www.vortex247.com/comics/index/4
June XII #2 – http://www.vortex247.com/comics/index/10