Working out can be a pain. You’d rather sleep the day away instead of slaving hours at the gym to stay on track of your weight—to no avail. You don’t find the routines engaging anymore. You’re starting to lose any interest in going to your sessions at all. And the only thing that keeps you going is the thought of never shedding the weight you put on during the holidays.


If you’re not having fun anymore, though what’s the point? Well, one great way to counter this is to find a way to make your workouts more fun. You could give dance workouts a shot. If you want to put a stop to those soulless workouts and still get –and keep—your booty in shape, dance workouts should be on top of your ‘must-try exercises’ list.


Dancing for Fun and Fitness

You can enjoy a lot of physical benefits that come with the activity, depending on which dance you choose. Don’t know how to moon walk like Michael Jackson, move it like Jagger or shake it like Shakira? You don’t have to. Just getting into the groove can leave your hips and midsection stronger, slimmer and fitter. Dance Fitness workouts fit the bill to a tee. If you want an awesome cardio workout that lets you shed the fat, gain stronger muscles, and better flexibility, dance workouts can be a good choice to help you get started.


Why Workouts Don’t Work

WebMD describes dance fitness as a workout that’s more like a dance party and cites it as one reason the exercise is so popular. That’s the advantage dance fitness workouts have over other workout exercises: it taps into your love for fun. That’s where most exercises fail. When you forget to have fun or treat something as a chore, it tends to get pushed to the back burner. You find every excuse in the book not to do it. And the harder you force yourself, the more resistance you get. No one wants to feel that way. You could probably push yourself to do it for a morning or two or three in a row. But it’s not going to be for the long-term. Why? It doesn’t make you feel good.


And exercises are a commitment to your health. You’ll need to keep at them. So if you can’t see yourself committing to it beyond more than a few sessions, all the benefits you’re getting from the exercise will go down the drain. But when you love doing something, there’s every motivation, every reason, to do it day after day, week after week. That’s the kind of motivation you get from doing dance workouts.


How Dance Workout Keeps You Healthy


Some of the physical benefits of dance workout include:

Better flexibility: Attending dance fitness classes exposes you to a range of movements. If you want to continue to work on those moves on your own time, getting dancing workout DVDs from Bombay Jam is one way to take your dance fitness classes home with you. If you haven’t a lot of time during the week, this is a good way to make the classes more accessible to you. Just put your workout DVD on and do a few sessions every day, whenever you can grab a spare moment or two. No need to drive all the way to class anymore. Instead of spending 30-40 minutes preparing and driving to the studio, you can use the time to improve your dancing skills on weekdays and have ample time to get to your classes on weekends, when your work schedule isn’t in the way.

Healthy heart: the classes include a lot of jumping, bouncing around and other high-impact moves. This gives your heart a solid cardio workout, which helps keep you safe from the risk of heart disease.

Toned arms and legs: With all the bouncing and jumping around, you can expect to see leaner, toner muscles in your midsection, legs, and arms. And most of the time, you might not even notice it—not until you find yourself fitting into your old shirts and needing a new pair of jeans. That’s how it feels to lose weight while having fun.


Great for newbies: You don’t have to get on the dance floor like Queen Bey to participate in the classes, says FitDay. Since dance workout is all about teaching you how to move to the music, you can enjoy the physical benefits of the dance, whatever dancing skills you have, little or nonexistent though they may be.

So if you’re thinking about quitting gym time and looking for a new way to get healthy, find the nearest dance studio and sign up for a dance fitness class. With so many benefits and even the added incentive of meeting new friends in your classes, there’s no reason not to give it a try. It might just be the perfect thing to get your love for workouts back.