Previously on Dark Matter: Six had, had enough and snitched on all his pirate pals.


Last Friday’s thrilling season premiere, Welcome to Your New Home, caught us up to speed on our favorite amnesiac criminals; introduced us to two new (eventual) crew mates; and ended with a fantastic ‘oh shit’ moment. In other words, Dark Matter came back sure-footed and ready to entertain. The pacing was actually pretty laid back for this show, relying heavily on characterization and world building.

Meeting of the minds.

In season one, everyone was in the same boat literally and figuratively. Now, they all differ wildly depending on pasts that they can’t remember. Two, Three, and Four are all legitimate criminals. Their story shows us what it’s like to be in the Galactic Authority’s pokey. One and Five are only vaguely criminal-shaped so they get to cool their heels in relative luxury. Six, we all know from last year, is the GA’s inside man.


We’ll start with Team Inmates. Two has always kept secrets and parceled out information according to what she thinks is best. Still, it was surprising she didn’t tell Three and Four about Six’s betrayal. I understand why she didn’t divulge that information while they were in their undies getting decontaminated with a bunch of strangers, but during chow time seemed a good alternative.

The highlight of the episode was Two forging a mutually respectful relationship with Nyx. They want to be allies, but they’re quite guarded with each other as well. We know Two’s secret. Nyx fought her to a draw, so that’s significant. Could Nyx be another one of Evil Wil Wheaton’s creations? Melanie and Melissa have killer chemistry. I’m looking forward to seeing Nyx’s story unfold.


How Three deals with his change in circumstances is particularly interesting. In the pilot, he introduces himself while double fisting guns and acting generally threatening. As season one progressed, it was clear that his brash outward persona was mostly emotional and physical protection. In Home, he struggles the most with acclimating to prison life. After his self-inflicted injury plan goes bust, he behaves totally defeated. Colluding with Two and Four puts some color back into his cheeks. He needed his homies. Three’s story introduces us to our other cast addition, Devon, a medic. We don’t know much about him yet.

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Four behaved as wily and assessing as ever. He is not one to waste words or energy, but it was nice to see him being vocal, even bantering with Arax, Hyperion 8’s most connected prisoner. He was forthcoming with the information he gleaned from that conversation when it was time to conspire with his crew mates. Granted, his best move for self-preservation is to collaborate with One and Three, but, he seems emotionally invested as well. Four has grown so much from that taciturn dude with the katanas from the pilot *sniff*.

Come test.


Next up is Team Gray Area. The GA is still trying to figure out what to do with One and Five which makes sense. Five has a little rap sheet but truancy doesn’t exactly rank up there with arson and piracy.  One surgically altered himself and stole someone’s identity. That… seems illegal. Hell, it’s illegal on Earth in this day and age. One and Five also committed crimes while crewing it up with the Raza. However, One’s high-priced lawyer makes his legal troubles disappear. This is also similar to current life here on Earth. *scowl*


Five finally has a real name! It’s Emily. Predictably, she is the most shaken of her lot. She yells and cries and slaps Six in the face. Five had the strongest bond with Six, and now it all feels like a lie.  After their painful exchange, it was good to see Six asking Five to decrypt a file and Five doing it for him. The fact that the file proved the GA knew about the bomb he unwittingly planted while undercover with The General, is even better. The previews for this week’s episode show that Five’s story is going to get filled in more.


Next, we have A Man Alone. Six spends much of the episode weary and wary. Six’s growing disgust and discomfort with Raza’s operations foreshadowed his betrayal. He frequently expressed concern about the crew’s influence on Five, to the point of alienating her.  It was a good touch that he made the choice to turn them in after they destroyed an entire planet. Understandable. Even as a ‘good guy,’ corruption plagues Six, everything from his buddy, Lt. Anders’ casual theft of Three’s gun, to the slick way his superiors removed him from the Raza case and blocked him from advocating for Five. By the end, it looks like he did the wrong thing for the right reasons.  Justice was his motivation but, it’s pretty clear that that’s not on offer through the GA.

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One and Six mirror each other quite a bit, actually. When One was Derrick Mos, he naively fell for the lies he was told about his wife’s murder. Jackals surrounded him, but it was only after a rebirth and 47 days of life on the Raza, he gained a healthy sense of suspicion. The scene where One tells Six that he thinks the acting CEO of his company is lying to him is funny in context. Here are the two Raza crew members that had the most judgment for everyone, and it’s the people who populate their ‘real’ lives that are the snakes.

Betrayer or justice seeker or both?
Betrayer or justice seeker or both?



The show set up several story threads in its season premier. It also expanded and explained its world building in more detail. The most pressing thread is: WOW One is dead?!?! Jace Corso’s last shot was to the dome bruh…. This will create a wildly different dynamic moving forward. All of the relationships on this show shifted quite a bit just based on Six turning them in, but this one is even more of a sea change. I wonder what tonight has in store!



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