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Dark Matter 3.5 Review: “Give It Up Princess”

Dark Matter 3.5 Review: “Give It Up Princess”

Dark Matter has mastered the art of showing daily Raza life this season, and I appreciate it. In year one, literally any time they settled in to relax or do anything remotely mundane, something catastrophic happened. Last year was nearly as bad.

We start with Solara offering to help Five with her fighting technique, taking it easy on her only to realize she’s far more capable than her last tutee, Adrian. The way that morphs into a heart to heart was a bit stiff at first but wound up being quite lovely by the end. Solara’s ex-monk past somehow makes perfect sense to me. She is ready to rumble at all times but still in an efficient and calm manner, unlike Two or even Four. They dig deep into their rage and unleash copious cans of whoop-ass when needed.

Character interaction is the milk of this series, and any ensemble really. When Adrian is trying to convince the crew to take on his pro-bono job, we get to watch Two, Three, Five, and Solara listen to his pitch with a slightly amused indulgence. We get the impression that Two has already decided to help, seeing as she threatened Gorin not to hurt Ambrosia on the bridge. She just wants to know all that he knows and hold out to see if he has any other angles. When Adrian feints like he will pay them and Solara hits Two with the “Uh uh girl, he broke,” head nod, that gave me a chuckle. Another amusing element of this scene is Five being thoroughly over Three and Adrian’s outdated “save the girl, get the girl” conversation. Her eye rolls are withering.

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The episode mostly plays like standalone fun, but Ferrous Corp’s Project Phoenix and the business with Tabor’s security droid solidifies it as a link in the chain that binds this season’s arc. Since we’re on the subject of Tabor, I still appreciate his presence in absentia. The writers did a great job of creating a whole life for him that feels authentic. I totally believe that this weasely, fearful dude who spends all his time managing criminals would have all these crazy schemes and security measures governing his belongings.


I was equally delighted by how terrible Adrian is at all of this. He says he was Tabor’s protege but, all the fumbling and plans going awry and general sloppiness was eye opening. He mentions Tabor was a bit of a dead beat dad figure so maybe Adrian was supposed to be getting training but Tabor was cagey about sharing any of his secrets, so what Adrian knows he had to ferret out on his own. I certainly hope there is a scene between Adrian and Tabor in the future. We need to see them interact and unpack their relationship.

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This was another good episode for Android. I am very intrigued by the android uprising taking place even while corporate war rages across the stars. I hope we see Tabor’s security droid later in the season working with the rebellion.

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Does Android have a crush on Three? I kinda feel it, especially when she’s got the chip turned up. Last time she smacked his ass and got mad flirty. This time, he pauses to appreciate how pretty she looks in her red dress and she smiles down shyly at her shoes. How cute is that?! I’m having a moment.


Speaking of kick ass outfits, Solara above-boob jacket was pretty fly. She gets to be Speaker of the Title this week when she’s’ speaking to Ambrosia. Ambrosia’s reversal was really well done and well acted, so kudos to Team Dark Matter.


Every time I see scenes on Zairon I’m reminded of a wizened Five craggily whispering about the fall of the House of Ishida. This war is costing Ryo everything, and he seems ill-equipped to handle it. My desire to know how Ryo’s people feel about him is answered when a royal guard hopeful makes an attempt on his life, in his own throne room. Rude! This puts Ryo in the No More Mr. Nice Dictator mood and starts making it rain executions and ass whoopings.

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Teku remains the only decent person in Ryo’s inner circle, so it feels like there’s a bullseye on his back. Misaki is back from the front, so I guess Ryo has somewhat forgiven her for killing Nyx. I haven’t but, whatever Ryo, you do you.



  • The episode felt busy in a good way, glad the running around actually led somewhere
  • Six and Five reconnecting
  • I’ve never said this before, but I like the Memorex printer effect of dropping out of FTL.



  • Six (and all of them) have been through so much brain tampering, now he’s a Ferrous sleeper agent? Geez!
  • I’m worried about Teku and fear Ryo will grow even more monstrous


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