Yeah, soooooo The Dark Tower has been postponed.

No longer can we celebrate a blerdy Black History Month with Idris Elba’s centuries-old cowboy knight and his young companion Jake; we are going to have to wait until
July 28th 2017 now. This comes a month after an unfinished trailer leaked online, which featured Jake Chambers living in modern day New York, trying to come to grips with his persistent dreams of a mysterious but strangely familiar gun-toting stranger.

The trailer was a rough cut, with green screens where meticulously designed landscapes and set pieces will no-doubt reside, but it was enough to whet the appetite of Tower fans everywhere.

I won’t lie; I was looking forward to February. It’s practically right around the corner, but a mid summer release feels good. It’s like the studio is confident the sci-fi/horror/fantasy/western can hang with the big boys of blockbuster season. It also means that they are interested in making everything just right.

There don’t seem to be any accompanying rumors about panicked film execs demanding reshoots. recasts, and rewrites. In fact, the film – shot largely in South Africa and New York City, wrapped on time this past summer.

Hey, I know my algorithms. On a wheel of quality that includes Fast, Cheap, and Dope, you can have two of the three but never all three. At $60M, The Dark Tower is cheap for an efx heavy action movie. They’ve already forgone fast since 6 months was not enough time to get post production done, so that still leaves Dope in play.

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We’ll see if the film can stake that claim, in July of 2017.

Now, let’s all take a collective cleansing breath and rewatch Jamie’s interview with Idris. Hear what he had to say about being a Black Boy Nerd and his thoughts on The Dark Tower and Stephen King.

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