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Darth Maul Issue 2: Scum & Villainy Party

Darth Maul Issue 2: Scum & Villainy Party


By: Kai Charles

The Cover of this issue is a bit deceptive. We have Maul in a traditional power pose, but it doesn’t give a clue to the awesome cameos inside. So I’m about to spoil them!

Maul has been invigorated by the knowledge that a Jedi padawan is up for auction, so he travels to Nar Shaddaa, the Smugglers Moon.

Maul then steps into the one place guaranteed to bring either information about the location of the auctioneer Xev Xrexus or a brawl of epic proportions.  We get the latter of course, and it is stunningly realized by the art team of Ross and Woodard.

Maul is quickly outnumbered in the fight and hampered by the fact that he can’t use his Sith powers without drawing the attention of his master, Palpatine. But excellent fighting skills and a little help from his friends allow Maul to prevail. Two of these friends are familiar to Clone Wars fans: Aurra Sing and Cad Bane! Ah! As a long time Clone Wars fan I was so excited to see these two! They are also joined by Vorhdeilo,  a scary creature not opposed to eating his enemies.

For Bane and his team, Maul is just a paycheck, and their timely rescue is all about getting paid. Through Bane’s efforts, Maul also gets an invite to the padawan auction in the Drazkel System.

In the midst of a room full of eager bidders, Maul slips away to confront his desire, the form he hopes to take his retribution on, the padawan Eldra Katis.

Another solid issue made even more enjoyable if you are fortunate to have heard Sam Witwer’s voice acting of the character.

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