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New Web Series Alert: Debtera is About a BlackGirl and Magic

New Web Series Alert: Debtera is About a BlackGirl and Magic

Worst. STI. Ever.

From FourFront Pictures comes Debtera, a dark supernatural comedy web series about a world where demons are sexually transmittable!

debtera, debtera, debtera
[Courtesy of FourFront Pictures]
Demon possession, a clueless witch, and a persistent ex-boyfriend converge to make Naomi’s simple quiet life a living hell. Debtera is a supernatural dark comedy web series about the worst STI ever. Demons.

After a night of passion with her new boyfriend, Naomi finds herself with the unique problem of demon possession. How was she supposed to know that sweet, considerate Adam was actually the earthly minion of a demon king? With questionable luck, she meets the eager Letty, a novice witch who, with the help of her allophone grandmother, attempts to rid Naomi of her new tenant. Unfortunately, Letty and her grandmother’s language barrier proves to be a large hurdle to jump, leaving them with a trapped demon spirit taking up residence inside Naomi, a demon horde on the loose, and an ex-demon boyfriend that just won’t take a hint.


Twitter and Facebook: @DebteraSeries

debtera, debtera, debtera
[Courtesy of ForeFront Pictures]
Until the end of April, FourFront Pictures needs your help to make this series happen. Every dollar, Like, and Share gets us a little bit closer to making this project a reality. Tell your family and your friends and throw in your extra coin to help create a fresh new take on the supernatural genre.

Creator: Lu Asfaha

Producer: Alicia De Four

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