I started watching The Cosby Show reruns when I was nine years old. I was close to the same age as Rudy at that time and I lived vicariously through every episode that aired. I remember when I saw Denise and I was amazed at this beauty before my adoring eyes. Denise, played by actress Lisa Bonet, wasn’t quite like the other Cosby kids who were conservatively dressed and moderate in their appearance. She wore mismatched socks with her shoes, oddly shaped hats, colorful head scarves, and chiffon sweaters. I was also all about her hair. I wanted Denise’s hair so badly! 

I will openly admit that I totally rocked the-French braid-with-the-bangs-out-look.

I also tied my hair up in several headbands like Denise and wore plaid button down shirts and felt good about it.

Hey it was the 90s. 

Lisa Bonet was a hipster before the word hipster was even a thing. She had an unconventional style and flair that people are still trying to construct today. I firmly believe that Denise Huxtable was a nerd. She was a nerd in a way that she was never one to imitate others. She was her own person and if it meant that her unique sense of self was to be an outcast then she chose to hold her own. She was not the “traditional nerd archetype” where she was regarded as an introvert or socially awkward, but she was definitely an intelligent woman who rebelled against conformity.

And we all know nerds lack conformity. 

The character Denise Huxtable and the actress Lisa Bonet are one in the same. Lisa evokes elegance in a way that simply just takes your breath away. Her dreadlocks are everything. Her flair for bohemian chic is effortless. In her 40s this woman is drenched with sophistication and poise. 

Will you take a look at this photo?

I want to look like this when I grow up

How many women do you know can wear their grey tresses proudly with a half shaven head and flowing dreadlocks? I’m amazed that I still hold a desire to be and look like Lisa Bonet several decades later. I also wanted her ex Lenny Kravitz but that’s another post for another time my friends.

When Denise left the Cosby Show and enrolled at Hillman College, her style was flawless. Denise was the coolest character on that show. I love my Freddie and I have personally pined over Cree Summer on this blog in the past but it was really all about Denise. Her presence on that show was not as conspicuous as I would have preferred, but it was still an awesome sight to see Denise grow older. I would take additional cues on how to look as stylish as she did as time went on.

If you think about it though, Denise had a cool nerd crew. Dwayne Wayne, Freddie Brooks, Whitley Gilber (yes she was a nerd), and Ronald “Ron” Johnson. Jaleesa was pretty nerdy too at times come to think of it. That was a supreme blerd crew!

For now, I just wanted to take a :::sigh break::: and take a moment to be enraptured by the hotness that is Lisa Bonet. She is truly my muse for life.

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